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June 22, 2021
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By Mengistu Adugna (PHD)

This is just my brief reflection based primarily on recent events.

Of late, I hardly comment on Ethiopian politics as I have been appalled by distorted narratives of political twists by so called political parties and the opposition-to-change camp mushroomed on the social media, and by new breed of internet media streamers. It is astonishing to see everybody having ‘remedies and prescriptions’ for Ethiopia’s problems.

I think most social media users know the new political “analysts” such as Gigi Kiay, Yoni Magna, etc who fabricate, modify and crunch facts with all distortions just to generate revenue. Though these guys are not politicians, surprisingly, they have good number of followers on their respective YouTube channels. This group of people predominantly don’t play positive role in the Medemer narrative.

Despite the propaganda by the TPLF supporters (nearly all TPLF circles), their cronies, opponents of the change, the ‘Gigi’s and doubters of the political and social reform in Ethiopia, this week MEDEMER has gone another milestone by heralding the arrest of Bereket Simon (the crook and self-declared politician) and his accomplice. Kudos to the agents of change led by “Team Lemma” (Lemma, Abiy, Demeke, Gedu etc).

The progress made in the demobilization of the OLF(Shene) army by educating Daud Ibsa about the popular sentiment, and the PM’s visit to Italy/France and his addressing of the World Economic Forum (in Switzerland – Davos, Jan 22) can all be considered as part of wheel of MEDEMER rolling.

It is also inspiring to see Ethiopian youth and Orthodox believers celebrating the Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket), Jan 19, 2019 in a fascinating and colorful fashion. All these signals a bright light at the end of the tunnel for the country! So, can we still hear doubters who now doubt the integrity of Ethiopia? Of course, everything must be handled with care.


The number of political parties, including those who represent the Oromos should shrink to a bare minimum number. That is the only way we can support them. We can’t afford to have and support 100 political parties.


The two Getachews (Getachew Assefa and Getachew Reda), the Aboy Sebhat, Ato Abay Tsehaye and all TPLF-ites will have their turn to face justice eventually having their TAGARU meetings in the prison cells soon. Why? Because they couldn’t see and utilize the opportunity created for them to save their souls i.e. ran away like a fugitive and gathered in Mekele to plan, design, and execute their evil usual social cataclysm to destroy Ethiopia.

My appreciation to Abageda’s, Prof Merera and Jawar Mohammed for playing key role in telling off Daud Ibsa and his family of friends to come to terms with their senses. The Oromos can’t afford to have a killing machine destabilizing the region by being an accessory to the war mongers (scaremongers) gathered in Mekele and elsewhere.


Ato Demeke and Ato Gedu should continue the reform without caving into distraction and side-pulls here and there. I strongly believe that they are hardened by the support they continued enjoying. They have wise and well-educated partners like Ato Negussu Tilahun and Dr Ambachew. These guys can lead the people by example, with maturity and wisdom.


It also won’t be too late for the progressive agents of change within the TPLF circle to join the bandwagon. I personally and sincerely applaud the moves by the Prime Minister and by all agents of change around him. I like prof Merara’s responses to LTV Wektawi interview recently, however the professor was very diplomatic in some of his responses to the questions.

Kudos to Prof Merera inviting TPLF moderate elements to be engaged in a positive discourse than be a party to a destructive “revolutionary democratic-developmental state” – a nonsense that TPLF grinds in a pigeon hole.


Other political parties must continue a dialog in a civilized way to create a political platform that caters for all Ethiopians irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, language, etc. The current trend of splinter regions along language lines is not a healthy one. I think Dr Fikre Tollosa’s book (at least the intention of the book) is a good medicine to curb further Bantustanization of the regions and the country. Perhaps, Ginbot 7  is setting an example in bringing Ethiopians from all walks of life together. Can others learn from Ginbot 7. (Note: I declare that I am not a member of Ginbot 7).


Obo Bekele Gerba must restore his political composure and earn the trust of many Ethiopians that he has been losing in the last few months. As we all know Ethiopians in the diaspora rallied for and behind him when he was arrested by TPLF till he was released by the government of Dr Abiy a while ago. It is my hope that he will re-earn the trust of the people as I believe in his intellectual capability.


Long Live Ethiopia and God Bless the People of Ethiopia!!

We will continue supporting the change in the way we can!


Please share this message with all stake holders!


Mengistu Adugna (PHD)

Associate Prof of Cybersecurity

Columbia, Maryland, USA


M Adugna can be reached at sofomore@gmail.com

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