Massive Looting, Destruction Result of Deep Desire to Destroy Ethiopia: Afar Chief Administrator

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December 15/2021/ENA/ The looting and destruction the terrorist TPLF perpetrated against the Amhara and Afar regional states emanates from the group’s deep desire to destroy Ethiopia, Afar Regional State Chief Administrator Awol Arba said.

The chief administrator made the remark at a ceremony the Ethiopian Electric Service handed over 3 million Birr humanitarian support for displaced people in the region.

The terrorist group has been possessed with the nightmare of creating Greater Tigray by destroying Ethiopia for the last half a century, Awol added.

Besides destroying the Northern Command, which is the last bastion of Ethiopia’s sovereignty, the terrorist TPLF has deliberately invaded Afar and Amhara states and caused huge destruction, he noted.

According to him, the act emanates from the deep desire of the group to dismantle Ethiopia.

The chief administrator further noted that the joint security forces of Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have registered shinning victory over the group.

He added that the support the Ethiopian public is providing also plays a massive role in boosting the morale of the forces who are combating the terrorist group.

Ethiopian Electric Service CEO, Shiferaw Telila said his organization has so far contributed  61 million Birr in cash for the joint forces.

He also stated that the service has been carrying rehabilitating and maintaining electric infrastructures by allocating huge budget.

According to him efforts are underway to reconstruct the TPLF destroyed infrastructure projects as soon as possible.

The CEO vowed to complete the infrastructure works as soon as possible.

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