Mass Graves of Thousands of TPLF Militants, Leaders Found in Chercher Town

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Addis Ababa  October 28/2022 /ENA/ Mass graves where thousands of militants and leaders of the terrorist TPLF were buried was found in Chercher Town.

It is a public knowledge that the terrorist TPLF group unleashed attack on the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) in the dark of November 4/2020 and the group was posing serious national security threats to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia

At the time, the terrorist group massacred several members of the Northern Command of ENDF as well as left many others with physical injuries and psychological traumas.

As the national defense force is now advancing to the Tigray region to control all airports as well as other federal facilities and liberate the people, the hidden secrets of TPLF continue to be exposed in the areas that are being liberated due to the sacrifice of the defense force.

As a result, mass graves of thousands of militants and officers of the terrorist group were found on the eastern direction of Cherecher town.

This shows that the top leaders of the terrorist group will leave no stone unturned to stay in power with the blood of the people of Tigray.

The top leaders of the terror group have no also mercy even for the militants who fought along the group and the mass graves found in the area have proved their evil deeds.

The mass graves are coded and in some graves about 3 to 5 bodies are buried together, it was learned.

It can be understood from the codes and the marks on the graves that the terrorist group buried the militants according to their ranks.

It is also proved that the militants of the group can be found from 3 to 5 in one grave, and the graves that are coded separately are of the senior officers (commanders of the terrorist.)

In addition to this, bodies of top leaders of the terror group were found coffins in a cave.

These bodies were placed in a special way, suggesting that they were of the leaders of the terrorist group who were commanding the invasions.

All in all, the mass grave area found in Chercher city is divided into three; the first is where the militants of the group were buried.The remaining two mass grave areas are the burial places of the middle officers of the terrorist group and the third was of top leaders who were leading the war.

Following the heinous attack on 4 Nov. 2020, the government took swift law enforcement operation, reversing the danger posed on the national security and territorial integrity. Of course, Ethiopians from all corners of the country were absolutely angry and rallied behind the government to reverse the attempt.

However, the terrorist TPLF has continued with its usual belligerent activities by recruiting child soldiers, raiding Amara and Afar regions for three rounds, with Tigrayan youths and children as cannon fodder, leaving mothers in Tigray to grieve.The group still has not refrained from its evil deeds.

The government reiterated that it demonstrated its commitment to peace by declaring unilateral and humanitarian ceasefires in different times.

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