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The Mask is Unveiled for Mesfin Woldemaryam and His Collaborators

(Gasha Kelemu 6/7/2017)

Historically Amaras are the defenders of Ethiopia. Even though they are wrongly accused, blamed and everyone seems working against them at this moment, their potential to rise up and claim their freedom and country is a given, witnessed even by foreign enemies of Ethiopia. In contemporary Ethiopia, anyone can be potentially put in jail, but there is a specific group (Amaras) that the regime is aiming at. Therefore, no Amara is safe in his or her own country. A system in which millions of Amaras are jailed, tortured and killed because they happen to belong to the Amara ethnic group is not a normal system. While all this things happening against the Amara population in general, it is unfortunate for people like Mesfin Woldemaryam to act as enablers of a system that kills its own citizens. For individuals like Mesfin Woldemaryam, deception is the bread and butter of their livelihood. In today’s Ethiopia, it is an all-too-common occurrence in the lives of both people and country that Trojan horses like Mesfin Woldemaryam intentionally mislead or confuse the public by lying or by forgetting to tell the whole story. A well orchestrated job assigned by their pay masters and or handlers. Very sad and unfortunate indeed.  — Read More ——

[gview file=”http://etzena.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Mesfin-and-Amaras.pdf”]

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