Lower Riparian Countries Need to Support Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative: Water Expert

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Addis Ababa June 24/2022/ ENA/ Egypt and Sudan need to provide all the necessary support to Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Program which is crucial to increase quality and sustainability of water supply, Vice Chairman of Green Legacy Initiative Technical Committee Getachew Gizaw said.

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During the past three years, Ethiopia has planted billions of seedlings.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, National Green Legacy Initiative Technical Committee Vice Chairman Getachew Gizaw said the program has huge connection with water resources development and sustainability.

“Seedlings are crucial for healthy soil and water, sustainable water supply, protection of waters from sediment and dams from flood, among others,” he noted.

According to the water expert, most lakes and rivers in the world have become history due to lack of timely protection and care.

Since Ethiopia provides water for neighboring countries, especially the lower riparian countries, and is a responsible country it protects and give utmost care for  water resources.

This, however, requires collaborative effort of all concerned bodies, Getachew stressed.

“If there is no protection in the upper part of the water basin, it is difficult to get sufficient water supply in the lower riparian countries.”  

Therefore, countries that highly benefit from the water basin originating from Ethiopia have to support such initiatives, the vice chairman pointed out.  

As Sudan and Egypt are beneficiaries of Abay River, which has the lion’s share in the Nile River flow, protecting Abay and the tributary is the responsibility of all the countries in the region.

“We have to fairly utilize Abay and fairly protect the resource together as well; and all neighboring countries in general and Egypt and Sudan in particular have to contribute their respective role in supporting Ethiopia’s Green Legacy and basin development programs.”

The water expert underscored that “the lower riparian countries have (therefore) to actively support Ethiopia’s efforts to maintain and sustain water resources in all aspects — be it idea, knowledge and finance.”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed initiated the Ethiopian Green Legacy Initiative in 2019 to address various environmental challenges by promoting a green culture.

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