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Look to Africa for the crowing of a black king. He shall be the redeemer: Marcus Garvey

Look to Africa for the crowing of a black king. He shall be the redeemer: Marcus Garvey

Bahir Dar, 9 February 2021(AMMA ) Adwa, a pre-eminent symbol of Pan-Africanism that thwarted the campaign of the Kingdom of Italy to expand its colonial empire in the Horn of Africa is an Ethiopian victory that ran against the current of colonialism.

124 years ago, traditional warriors, farmers, pastoralists and women defeated a well-armed Italian army at the battle of Adwa. The outcome of this battle ensured Ethiopia’s independence, making it the only African country never to be colonized.

Adwa turned Ethiopia into a symbol of freedom for black people globally. Since the beginning of slavery and colonialism in the 16th century, similar battles had occurred around the world. The outcome of every war was the same. Europeans ended up ruling the native peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The battle of Adwa turned this pattern upside down. After the battle Italy unconditionally accepted Ethiopia’s independence and sovereignty. News of this African victory spread throughout the world. Adwa turned Ethiopia into the symbol of redemption and freedom for black people. Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Du Bois, Bob Marley, George Padmore and others drew inspiration from the African victory.

The first Afro-Brazilian newspaper was named O Menelick, publishing pride in black identity and African connection with prominent women writers from 1915-1916.

Adwa connected black people with Africa’s ancient glory and future hope, as Marcus Garvey wrote: Look to Africa for the crowing of a black king. He shall be the redeemer. The green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag was adopted by several African countries after colonial liberation and a universal national anthem was created for black people.

The Victory of Adwa will be celebrated for the 125th time in the first day of March.

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