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Lets Listen to our Educated Elders (by Muluken Gebeyew)


Protesters call on the Ethiopian government to respect human rights, Washington DC, USA, 23 September 2006 The banner says: Respect human rights in Ethiopia

Almost in  all  clans, ethnicities and nationalities in Ethiopia, elders are well respected and their wisdoms are  listened. That is what our culture and history tells us. Their advice and judgement in social, economic, even  in political and some criminal disputes were the final words. The society abode it. Elders are accumulated encyclopaedias of social norms, customs and  life wisdoms. For centuries and millennia, they were the equivalent (or better of)  the modern day justice system.

Their wisdoms are  product of life time experience, formal or informal education, social interaction and personal reflections. Those blessed ones who give their ears to these elders  learn life’s  wisdom in short cut. A society which listens and learn from the good part of their wisdom is privileged one. A group  which doesn’t pay respect to elders and doesn’t listen their wisdom is  potentially dangerous.

Unfortunately our modern day rulers of Ethiopia for the last 40 or more years  fall to the category of  dangerous groups.  They have lived in their selfish, egoist, self inflated pseudo confidence, grandiose  and paranoid delusions of power suppressing the people of Ethiopia.  They have disrespected and  ignored our elders and their seasoned  wisdom.

Educated elders are the special gifts for society; on top of their life based wisdom, they have also acquired a lot of knowledge and experience through education about the world which they can pass for the new generation. Their contribution, messages and wisdoms are immense.

I read and listened recently two great educated Ethiopian  elders who want nothing but the better of their country and the Ethiopian people they come from. They don’t have any self  interest on power, wealth, or personal vendetta. They feel responsible of passing their elderly wisdom, their life time formal and informal educated, well seasoned message to us.

I read Professor Mesfin Woldemarim’s  recent articles on peaceful political transitions in Ethiopia  and Professor Adugna  Worku’s  message to us ( those of us who are on power, in  the oppositions and among the people) on his 71st  birth day.

We all will  benefit from such messages and wisdoms. The rulers, the oppositions and the people would benefit immensely. This is short way for the better of what we most of us wish to reach too. Please listen and read to their golden statements, proverbs and messages.

Lets be  free from our personal ego, political and ethnic inclination and be human (who were born in country called Ethiopia on God’s wish otherwise we would have been born somewhere). Lets give ourselves few hours with clean  mind set and listen and read what these educated elders  message and wisdoms they pass to us. It will show us the light with in the darkness. It will lead us to the end of  the dark tunnel where light is shining. It cleans us from the hate, fear and animosity we are swamped in.

May I call all daughters and sons of Ethiopia to pay few hours to listen and read to these educated elders messages and wisdom; then ask ourselves what is better for all of us?


The solution for the complex problems we are in, is with in us.

May God help us.



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