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Let’s Intensify the Struggle Against TPLF led Regime! (by Muluken Gebeyew)

Ethiopians have suffered under TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) led brutal regime for more than a quarter of a century. This elite group of Tigray origin which was  conceived  in the womb of hate has  ruled Ethiopians  through its sophisticated oppressive means.

From its inception, it was anti-unity, divisive, hate monger and self oriented opportunistic regime. It  has led anti democratic regime that denied Ethiopians fundamental human rights in their own country.

TPLF is owned by an  elite  ultra Tigrean and pro-Eritrean secession family members. It doesn’t even represent the Tigray people which itself comprises 6% of Ethiopian population. TPLF shields  itself under Tigrean people as if  it’s legitimate representative.

The majority Tigraeans in Tigray live under fear and double oppression. They are not allowed to say anything except supporting TPLF. Those who live outside Tigray  region in Ethiopia and in Diaspora, most benefited from the system.   They defend TPLF’s merciless killings and brutal crackdown against Ethiopians. They make every effort by hook or crook to sustain TPLF’s rule.

TPLF  created a delusional federal system in Ethiopia with puppets figure heads while its operatives rule under iron fist. It continued its divide and rule policy by fermenting  and  waging violence among different ethnicities, nationalities  and religious members. Its inflammatory polices have made Ethiopians displaced, homeless, dispossessed, unemployed and to flee from their country.

In the last 27 years, TPLF controlled the military, the economy, security, communication   and all part of society through force, intimidation and harassment. The famous  “one to five” controlling system paralysed the public for years, but it is no longer .


The Fascist brutal regime has saw seeds of hate, suspicion, disunity, false identity and history. It has established a structure that facilitate its minority regime while majority are left divided, disunited and paranoid of each other. These would create obstacles for smooth transition even after TPLF’s death.

The Ethiopian people have attempted to overthrow this parasitic regime through peaceful means since early.  But TPLF has used its “Divide and Rule” policy  to crash every attempt  including the famous 2005  protest ( 1997 Eth Calendar).

TPLF is currently severely shaken  by the new generation’s youth peaceful struggle  launched in the last two years. The youth, mostly born and  brought up in the last 27 years have rebelled against TPLF’s  ideology, policy and oppressive regime.

TPLF’s propaganda outlets in Ethiopia and Overseas are drumming day and night false rumours, confusion, disinformation, exaggeration, fear and paranoia  with  disorganised thoughts, pressure of speech, grandiose and paranoid delusions. The culprits, mostly paid mercenaries continue the  futile attempt to dampen the struggle of the Ethiopian People against TPLF.

Ethiopians have to be smart, measured, matured  and human on tackling this uneven road. Ethiopians have to learn from all the mistakes we committed in the last few decades. Ethiopians have to  unite and work together in partnership. A popular well organised and united push from Ethiopians of different nationalities, faiths, educational status, ability, income, gender and  age  will bring the demise of TPLF.

Lets be  free from our personal ego, political and ethnic inclination and be human (who are  born in country called Ethiopia on God’s wish; otherwise we would have been born somewhere). Lets   clean our  mind set and listen  the majority of Ethiopians quest. It will show us the light with in the darkness. It will lead us to the end of  the dark tunnel where the freedom’s light is shining. It cleans us from the hate, fear and animosity we are swamped in.

Only unity and working together can save us!

The siege for the last 27 years is to be broken. The cloud of fear, disunity and suspicion among Ethiopians is to clear.  The smell of freedom is on air.

A new nation of freedom and equality  is closer.  Ethiopians of all walk of life have to finish the job.

While we are under such new challenge defining our future, we should remain

committed and united not to let any gap where TPLF, our historical enemies (local or far away) and opportunists to interfere in our country and our fate.

There are numerous pseudo promises emerging  out from the regime as it is suffocated by the people uprising,  to calm down the heat it is feeling. TPLF is known for  lying and breaking promises. The phantom promises are just to buy time, then to lead  its brutal regime and darkness. The only guarantee for the  freedom  is to get rid of TPLF.

The Ethiopian people should continue and intensify the struggle against the TPLF regime. TPLF is on cliff edge. A popular well organised and united push from Ethiopians will bring the demise of TPLF.

The Civil servants: Rise up and take part in  industrial action and strikes  to fracture TPLF’s spine.

The Students:  Demand your right and demonstrate for  equal citizenship and opportunity which TPLF denied you  and  gave it for “The special citizen and its supporters”

The Diplomats: Give up the TPLF missionaries and join the people. Inform the world the crime  and atrocities  TPLF committed against Ethiopians.

The Business people: Demand for change and fairness in the competition against  TPLF companies which owns more than 70% of nation’s wealth which  controlled all the playing field.

The Police: Rise up against TPLF which  used you as a tool for TPLF to criminalise, arrest and even kill innocent brothers and sisters of your own.

The Army: Demand your  role is not to kill your own people but protect Ethiopian territory against invading foreign army. Point your gun against the TPLF generals and senior officers who are “herding” the army for killing against its own people.

The Religious leaders of all faith:  Stand up against the TPLF’s policy of disunity, merciless killing, torture and  imprisonment. Stand up for truth!  Stand up for your “lambs”! Denounce the suffering! Stand up  for your God’s given right for your followers.

The Farmers: Rise up against TPLF. The TPLF owns all land in Ethiopia. TPLF  sells your land  anytime to highest bidder, to foreigners. On your land, you have been treated as  a slave for the “investor”. Your land is all yours where you labour on and harvest under God’s will. Protect your land from TPLF.

The Journalists, writers, bloggers, media experts: Stand up against TPLF which denied your God given rights  to express yourself and the world around.  Stand up  for your people. Stand up for your country which is under  TPLF internal colonization.

Intellectuals: Support your fellow citizens in the struggle against TPLF. Provide them the knowhow, the skill, the knowledge, the wisdom to destroy TPLF and build bright future for Ethiopians.

The Opposition Political parties: Narrow your differences and  unite against TPLF oppression.   Don’t  get easily fragmented  by TPLF wicked drama. Stand up for your people and country! Guide and direct the oppressed people.

Ethiopians of all  ethnicity and nationalities: Rise up  against TPLF as our forefathers done to all invaders!

Mothers are crying, young people are deprived of their future, our country has become land of woes and death.

Rise up against TPLF!

Let’s push TPLF down, it is on cliff edge. Lets not give air for the gasping TPLF.  We should never surrender our promised victory.  We should never let down  the sacrifice of  those killed, tortured  and imprisoned by TPLF.

Let’s build a new nation of hope  for ourselves and children!



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