Lawyers Association Vow to Provide Necessary Support to National Dialogue Commission

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Addis Ababa August 5/2022 /ENA/ Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association has expressed its commitment to provide the necessary professional support to the National Dialogue Commission.

It is to be recalled that National Dialogue Commission requested various professional associations in Ethiopia to provide their professional support for the effectiveness of the planned inclusive national dialogue.

Speaking to ENA, the Chief Executive Officer of  Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association,  Lensa Biyena said the association has been involved in the activities of the National Dialogue Commission since its establishment.

The association, particularly has been participating on behalf of the protection of women’s rights together with other civil society organizations, she added.

Lensa pointed out that since the national dialogue matters all citizens and organizations in  Ethiopia, Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association is working on legal issues and in ensuring the inclusiveness of the national dialogue.

As a professional association, it will continue closely working and providing professional support to the Commission through its eight branch offices, district and zonal structures across the country.

The planned inclusive national dialogue believed to be a good opportunity for all Ethiopians in creating enabling environment for the leaders, politicians, and the public at large to come together and discuss matters that are critical to the nation.   

The National Dialogue Commission with eleven members came into effect since February 23, 2022.

The Commission is expected to begin discussion on some of the issues on the agenda in the first quarter of this new Ethiopian fiscal year.

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