Journalist Hermela Proves Western Elements’ Hypocrisy on Ethiopia –

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Journalist Hermela Aregawi

Addis Ababa, November 06, 2021 (Walta) – The West does not care about Ethiopians, and they only talk about the people of Tigray insofar as it serves their narrative towards meeting their ill-intended and hidden mission, Hermela Aregawi, Ethiopian–American journalist claimed.

“If they cared about the people of Tigray as a whole, they would care about those who are being pushed into other states to fight and die and families who are losing kids and parents in the war,” Hermela told local media.

She also explained that it may even serve their interest if that area is not stable or peaceful. “We see how the humanitarian aid agencies tend to benefit from the crisis.” The more people are displaced and the longer the war, there is something they need to meet under the guise of humanitarian aid.

“Regarding Biden Administration’s act to weaken Ethiopia’s economy, the journalist highlighted that the Democrats attempt to impose sanctions on the low-income community of Ethiopians who have never had any relations to the conflict. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) is really important to the manufacturing sector. In Ethiopia, 80 percent of the people that work in that sector are women and they are the backbone of families in so many ways.

“When you are hurting a sector, I think, you are hurting children and the average person in Ethiopia. I think that is completely misguided.”

They are still supporting a group that does not have a lot of support in Ethiopia, Hermela said, adding that, “I do not think the low-income Ethiopians should be punished.”

Ethiopian Press Agency learnt that regarding the coordinated media attack on Ethiopia, Hermela said that the people  should really start to question what the international media are telling about Ethiopia’s reality.

“If you are paying attention, you can actually see even in the same article they will say one thing and then the opposite.”

The media practitioner pointed out that she lived with Ethiopians of all ethnic backgrounds, and had never been discriminated against as far as she was aware because of being ethnic Tigrayan “I did not understand where this all came from, because my reality did not reflect that.” “The people at the top who are really setting the tone and who are setting the agenda know very well that their agenda is very political and that is why it all gets really mixed up.”

Regarding the people of Tigray, she does think that there are a lot of silent people that may not agree with the direction things are going in a year-long fight.

“I do have questions about the stories that we are not hearing out of Tigray of families that do not want to send their kids into war, and families that have lost several kids in war as there are untold and unheard circumstances,” she remarked.


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