Journalism Scholars Dismayed by Western Media Disseminating Fake Info, Outright Lies

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December 01/2021 (ENA) Scholars in journalism and communication said they are dismayed to see some Western media outlets, which they used to regard as exemplary in their practices, disseminate torrents of fake information and outright lies.

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In exclusive interview with ENA, Jimma University Journalism and Communication lecturer Demelash Mengistu said some Western media outlets have continued spreading false and biased reports about Ethiopia.

These irresponsible outlets are not only damaging the true image of the country but also  misleading the international community, he added.

“We used to praise them as models and spent time talking to our students about the excellence of  BBC and CNN in journalism. But we have now realized that they are promoting ideology.  They are working to make Africans weak and exploit their resources. In short they are proponents of  neocolonialism.”

The scholar noted that instead of adhering to the ethics of journalism, they are serving neocolonialism.

Journalism and Communication lecturer at same university, Getachew Tilahun said on his part the Western media is preaching about ethics of journalism and objectivity, but practicing otherwise.

“These were the oldest model media we provided for our students, and even these are the countries where these media outlets were born. Unfortunately, we have found them in this situation. That’s when you stop and examine things. And I think it’s time to take a closer look at the whole principle of journalism and the actual practice.”

The scholar noted that Ethiopia is an independent country and it is a good thing for all Africans that it is resisting colonialist approaches; and many have sided with Ethiopia.

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