Jordan Committed to Consolidating Bilateral Ties with Ethiopia, Says Ambassador

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Jordan’s ambassador to Ethiopia said that his country is seeking to strengthen bilateral ties with Ethiopia.

Ambassador Zuhair Ensour told ENA that Jordan believes that Ethiopia has a place in the international arena and it is keen to deepen political and economic cooperation with the country.

He added that the relationship between Ethiopia and Jordan requires strengthening in several areas.

There is an ongoing study to strengthen and accelerate the implementation of the agreements that have been signed, accordingly to the ambassador.

For instance, Jordan is studying commercial markets opportunities in Ethiopia and there will be a commercial cooperation between the two countries, he pointed out.

Ambassador Ensour hopes that the diplomatic relationship between the two countries would reach its highest levels.

He pledged to work hard to strengthen the diplomatic relationships between the two countries in the political and economic spheres.

The ambassador said that he has requested the Ethiopian government to open embassy in Amman, Jordan, as 20,000 Ethiopians are residing in the country.

He also requested the resumption of Ethiopian Airlines flight to Amman, it was learned.

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