Japan’s Support to EIPSTI Vital for Stable Socio-Economic Dev’t in Africa: Ambassador

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Addis Ababa August 9/2022 /ENA/ The Government of Japan’s support to Ethiopia’s International Peace Support Training Institute (EIPSTI) since 2014 is a vital foundation to the socio-economic cooperation and bilateral relation in Ethiopia and Africa, Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Ito Takako said.

The Ambassador told ENA that Japan is contributing to the peace and security of Africa by supporting the important institute in Ethiopia.

According to her, the cooperation on peace and security with the institute in Ethiopia is a foundation for the bilateral relations and socio-economic cooperation with Ethiopia and Africa.  

 “This is very good foundation for our bilateral relations. Japan has been contributing for various economic and social developments, but I also think that our cooperation in the area of peace and security is also very important because the peace and security is the basis for the stable economic and social development and it is not just for Ethiopia, but also for the African continent and the world.”

Stating that Ethiopia has been contributing and training peace keeping troops under African Union missions and United Nation in Africa, Ito added, “Ethiopians are much known for the good work with the peace keeping,” the ambassador observed.

The institute is among the most important centers that has been providing capacity building training to peace keepers particularly in Africa.

“This is one of the most important training centers in the African continent and Japan has been promoting new approaches for the peace and security in Africa.” 

Japan has been providing financial and technical support in partnership with others to the institute since 2014.

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