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Italian War Crimes against Ethiopia and the Pope’s Complicity

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August 22, 2016

From:   Yahoshuah Israel, CEO/Founder

The Col. John C. Robinson Global Initiative, Inc.

Re:       Italian War Crimes against Ethiopia and the Pope’s Complicity

On August 14th 2016 the internationally acclaimed television show 60 Minutes aired a story first aired several years earlier.  It told of the terrible atrocities committed against Polish Jews by the Nazis during World War II.  It gave voice to the horrible crimes that the Jewish people suffered as Hitler’s regime attempted to commit genocide on the non-military women and children that lived in the villages far from the war’s front.  How thousands of men, women and children were rounded up and killed in the most barbaric manner and buried in mass graves.

The distinguishing aspect of this story was that although after the war America, England, Russia and other Allied nations who fought together and defeated Nazi Germany enacted the now famous Nuremburg War Trials that prosecuted scores of Nazi War criminals and even today both Israel and other countries still hunt down those who participated in the crimes; the victims of these crimes were not discovered until recently and therefore have never been acknowledged or given justice. The airing is an effort to give closure to painful memories.

So I commend 60 Minutes for its award winning investigative journalism giving worldwide attention to such a terrible tragedy. But I ask in all sincerity how it is that 60 Minutes and other western news media as well as outstanding Institutions with established accreditation can be so blind, narrow minded or just blatantly hypocritical to the gross injustice that has long been perpetuated against Ethiopia.  The people of Ethiopia suffered at the hands of Italy during the same period the most terrible of war crimes as that perpetrated against the Jews.

I dare to say that in fact the injustice committed by Mussolini’s fascist troops against the last free standing African Nation during the same time was even more insidious and a forever scar across the face of Western world’s façade of humanity.  I say this because as vicious as the acts were that were done by Hitler’s Nazis, the acts of wholesale outright genocide inflicted upon Ethiopia came with the complicit blessings of the Pope of Christendom.  The outrage is even more egregious when it is realized that while the Pope and his clergy were literally providing public blessings on the war machinery (soldiers, tanks, airplanes and of course the chemical mustard gas that tormented before finally killing millions of innocent Ethiopian civilians and decimated the cattle and crops) Ethiopia was the first and most ancient Christian country tracing its roots back to King Solomon and the fabled Queen of Sheba.

The question that begs to be asked is “why has no light of exposure ever been placed of the atrocities committed by Italy against this noble African Nation”?  Atrocities so graphic and horrible that to this day men and women who were children at the time still exhibit the effects of the mental trauma that has been a part of their lives ever since. To aggravate the painful memories to even deeper levels; not one individual among the thousands of war criminals who savagely slaughtered so many of Ethiopia’s masses have ever been accused much less taken to court!

Instead the individual principally responsible, Rudolfo Graziani, known as the “Butcher of Ethiopia” has been honored by the country of Italy in his home town with a monument at which the clergy of the Vatican attended. Obviously the hypocrisy of the Catholic Church knows no limits for this is the same Church that sanctioned the transatlantic slavery industry that initiated an era of suffering that has spanned over 400 years and is yet too extinguished.

This is a call for 60 Minutes and other Western media and Western governments to recognize the terrible acts committed against the people of Ethiopia and give closure to the millions who died at the hands of Fascist Italy. It’s a call to Pope Francis to heal the wound committed by his forebears and make atonement for the Vatican’s complicity to such crimes.  Ignoring its shameful role will not make it go away! Only in acknowledgement can both Ethiopia and Italy truly go forward in future brotherhood; and it is only the Pope who can undo what a previous Pope has done.

I call on Pope Francis to formerly apologize to the people of Ethiopia for blessing the tools of death that ripped through an innocent land leaving in its wake devastation that even to this day, hangs over the land like a dark cloud.   Pope Francis, by doing so you will open the gates to  closure and at long last healing may yet become a reality in the hearts of the people.

I ask you, I ask “60 Minutes” and the world media this one simple question: “How long will you continue to ignore the cries of the children of Ethiopia? Though they died some eighty years ago their screams and suffering can still be felt and heard in the hearts and souls of the righteous. Give justice to the innocents and peace to the mothers and fathers for the pain and suffering of black mothers and black fathers for their children is just as real as the pain of their white counterparts.


A cry from the wilderness


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