Italian Journalist Expresses Western Media Coverage Biased on Reporting about Ethiopia –

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Italian Journalist Francesca Ronchin

Addis Ababa, December 28, 2021 (Walta) – Italian Journalist Francesca Ronchin, during an exclusive interview with FBC, said that some western mainstream media have been giving space to one side of the story while reporting on current situation in Ethiopia.

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“Reporters of the western media should have reported both sides of the story regarding what is really happening in Ethiopia. But, they are not doing so because they are sided with the rebel TPLF,” she said.

The media give space to only what is declared by the terrorist TPLF side avoiding what is said by the government and realities on the ground, Francesca Ronchin noted.

The CNN’s fake news entitled “Addis Ababa is under siege” is the best example showing how the western media are distorting realities in Ethiopia, she said. “This is something what is appalling me a lot,” she underlined.

Francesca Ronchin added that statements being issued by the Government of Ethiopia are mostly distorted by the western media. “Government’s voices must get proper place in the media to make the news balanced,” she said.

She further called on the international community to ask “Why?” while they see one-sided stories regarding ongoing situation in Ethiopia.

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