Italian Ambassador Says Ethiopia’s Agriculture Potential Instrumental for Regional Trade Integration

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Addis Ababa October 23/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia’s immense potential for agricultural productivity will be instrumental in realizing economic integration of the eastern Africa region, Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia Agostino Palese said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Ambassador Palese along with top government officials visited the various development activities in Jimma zone.

The visit includes a 10-hectare intercropping farm which is comprised of  fruit and vegetable production, fish farming, and beekeeping.  

They have also visited the Shebe Sono Woreda part of the Kishe cluster rice production that spans three woredas in Jimma Zone.

During the occasion, the ambassador stated that Ethiopia has various untapped potentials, pledging that his country will strengthen supporting Ethiopia to utilize the sector, especially by providing technologies.

“I think Ethiopia has enormous potential in green area and the countryside. This is why Italy is supporting with different projects in the agro-industry project for transferring technology and to help develop this kind of job creation, and that could help Ethiopia to grow from the agricultural point of view. Today, it is rice, wheat, and vegetables all in high standard level even coffee. So it is very important you continue on this plan and we will continue to support Ethiopia on these matters,” the Ambassador elaborated.

He also lauded Ethiopia’s success in availing affordable energy to industrial projects in a very short time stressing the need for the country to continue on this pattern as there is conducive foundation in this regard.  

With all the dams that Ethiopia has built in a very short period of time, low cost energy, it can develop agro-industrial project with other partners like Italy, he added.

According to him, Ethiopia can even be exporters of rice, vegetables, and fruit instead of importing like wheat like it was once.

“So now you can try to export as well in the region and nearby of Ethiopia; it is very good for you and I think it could help in job creation and many sectors. What we are working is to transfer technology and know-how” the ambassador stated.

Ethiopia and Italy have long-standing bilateral relations that go back over a century.

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