Israel is reportedly sending unwanted African migrants to other countries under secretive deals which may be in breach of international law, reports suggest.

According to the BBC, the “Israeli government refuses to name the third countries involved in the deals, but [there are] people who say they were sent to Rwanda and Uganda”.

Israel and various European countries have been battling to manage huge influxes of migrants and refugees, with thousands fleeing from conflict areas in the Middle East and Africa, in search of better living conditions.

Last year, the European Union (EU) proposed various initiatives to deal with the influx of migrants including an ‘African trust fund’ to pay African countries billions of dollars if the countries agree to take back their economic migrants.At a migration summit in Valetta, in Malta, European leaders offered African countries about $2 billion if they agreed to who take back their nationals who do not qualify for asylum.

The Trust Fund would “benefit” about 24 countries within the major African migration routes to Europe. The identified routes include, the Sahel region and Lake Chad area, the Horn of Africa region and countries within the north African region.

According to the European Commission, the trust fund would help to help bring stability in the regions and to “contribute to better migration management. More specifically, it aims to address the root causes of destabilisation, forced displacement and irregular migration”.

The first EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa project commenced in December last year, a month after the Valletta Summit.

(Africa Leadership magazine)