Israel, Ethiopia Working Closely in Innovation and Technology, Says Ambassador Aleligne Admasu

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Addis Ababa , October 13/2022/ENA/  Ethiopia and Israel are working closely in various fields of areas, especially in innovation and technology, Israel’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said.

In an exclusive interview with Ethiopian News Agency, Ambassador Aleligne Admasu cited in particular the collaboration of the countries in innovation and technology.

According him, the recent conversion of Ethiopian B767 passenger aircraft into freighter made   in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is part of the two country’s cooperation in  innovation and technology.

This conversion technology is the first in Africa and among three countries in the world, he added.

Noting that Israel today is among the top countries in innovation technology, Ambassador Admasu  pointed out that this proves the existence of  technological cooperation between the two countries.

The ambassador further said that a connection between Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Ethiopian Airlines will improve and educate transportation service for all the countries of the world, particularly, the countries in the African continent.

Such special project is a model that will lead other countries to convert aircraft in Addis Ababa  and open field of  transportation and will encourage trade relation between the countries,  he elaborated.

The project can be a model for other African countries and make Addis Ababa center of cargo aeroplane,  he noted,  adding that ”we are working a lot in collaboration in innovation  technology.”

Ambassador Admasu stated that Ethiopian Ministry of trade officials were also in Israel to share technological experience in the sector as part of cooperation in the field of area.

Mentioning that the two countries have been collaborating in agriculture sector.

Some years ago Israel distributed more than 4 million avocado seedlings for Ethiopian farmers without payment, he recalled.

Ethiopian and Israel have been working together in agriculture, education, health, tourism, and innovation, among others.

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