Iran Opposes Western use of Humanitarian values as Pretext to Intervene in Ethiopian affairs: Ambassador Lakizadeh

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Addis Ababa,  January 13/2022/ENA/  Iran opposes Western use of humanitarian values as a pretext to intervene in other countries’ affair including Ethiopia, Iran Ambassador to Ethiopia Samad Ali Lakizadeh said.

He told ENA that humanitarian values are valuable to all of us and should not be reduced to neo-colonialism tools to serve western interest of interventionism. Therefore, he said, his country believes that the western pretext of humanitarian issues,  exerting  pressure on Ethiopia is illegal and unacceptable.

According to him, some western countries don’t like to see a strong, independent, sovereign Ethiopia, which he said is the main reason why they kept on putting pressures on Ethiopia in the pretext of  humanitarian issues.

He said some western countries have real problem with a true independent country like Ethiopia and Iran, which have enjoyed a longstanding true independence and self-rule.

Being known throughout history as an independent country in Africa, Ethiopia has never submitted itself to colonialism, he elaborated.

Ambassador Lakizadeh said Ethiopia’s independence has always been inspiring anti colonialism movement in the world, especially in Africa.

Experiencing 42 years of all types of western pressure and sanction, Iran is now witnessing all types of western pressure exerted on Ethiopia under the pretext of human right, he told ENA.

According to him, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and many other countries were invaded in the pretext of humanitarian issue but the west left those countries in much worse state than they were before the invasion.

Ethiopia’s strength to fend off western intervention will undoubtedly inspire and teach many countries to follow suit in overcoming  external tyranny and neo colonialism, he added.

The case of Ethiopia could serve as an example to stand against the new form of colonialism, he told ENA.

‘‘They hate independent countries like Ethiopia. Based on their nature, their imperialistic, tyrannical their colonial nature, they don’t like independent countries which Ethiopia is one of the independent countries of the world. This is from one hand. From the other hand, not only Ethiopia was always in history independent countries and inspiring countries especially African countries but also at the moment also Ethiopia and Ethiopians trying to maintain their independence trying to keep their sovereignty, they are attached to their own traditions, beliefs, culture, civilization, then Ethiopia could serve as an example to stand against the new form of colonialism.’’

According to him, after the Second World War, the time of direct colonialism was over, since the US came late and being unable to reestablish colonialism in its previous form, they resorted to neo-colonialism and started to use interesting human values and democracy as a pretext for their interventionist policy, the Ambassador elaborated..

If Ethiopia strongly emerges from the current quagmire, it will definitely inspire many African countries to free themselves from the tyranny of neo-colonialism, which in his opinion is the main reason that the west is exerting maximum pressure on Ethiopia.

Citing Iran’s experience in fending off western pressure and sanction, he said his country have so much to share on this regard, which his country is willing to share it with Ethiopia and any friendly country.

Despite all western pressures he said his country has made lots of advancement in several fields of science including defense, cyber security, nano technology, bio-technology, satellite and agriculture. He said Iran is willing to share its expertise to its allies.

‘‘For sure there is lots of lessons to be shared not only with Ethiopia but also other friendly countries , independent countries lots of lessons , lots of experiences ,lots of information we can share with the Ethiopian friends…we need much more contact between our authorities officials to exchange views and information and experience in this regard.’’

Despite Iran and Ethiopia signed memorandum of understanding on a number of issues, he said there is much room to revamp the relationship to push it to a much desirable level, he added.

Ambassador Lakizadeh said Ethiopia and Iran shares lots of commonalities, among them are ancient history, culture and the pursuit of true independence from foreign elements.

Tehran opened its embassy in Addis Ababa 71 years ago he said, but the people to people relationship goes since ancient time , citing the ancient Iranian inscriptions  about Ethiopia.

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