Investigation Team Stresses Need for Concerted Efforts to Bring TPLF Criminals to Justice

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Addis Ababa, April 9/ 2022 /ENA/   Need for concerted efforts to bring to justice perpetrators of the massacres committed by TPLF in Wolkait, Tsegede, and Telemt has been stressed by the recently established Gondar University investigation team.

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Briefing the media today, coordinator of the Gondar University investigation team Geta Asrade revealed that the investigation took over a year.

The horrific massacres were systematically carried out crimes against humanity by the terrorist group TPLF.

The coordinator revealed that the front annexed Wolkait, Tsegede and Telemet without any legal basis and public consent after 1992, when it seized control of the federal government.

But opposition to the TPLF annexation expanded in Wolkait, Tsegede and Telemt areas, Geta noted, adding that following the resistance human rights abuses became rampant.

According to him, thousands of residents have been displaced, massacred, kidnapped and taken to undisclosed locations by the terrorist group.

The TPLF committed the most dreadful massacres at Maikadra town and surrounding areas in November, 2020, according to the investigation.

The aim of Gondar University investigation team is to scientifically investigate the social and human dimensions of atrocities that took place in Wolkait, Tsegede and Telemt.

Coordinator of the team finally called upon experts and relevant institutions to discharge their responsibilities by carrying out scientific examinations.

The team has also direct evidences of secret location of mass graves, the time of massacres, testimony of the communities, eyewitnesses who saw mass shootings and burials among others, Geta pointed out.

The investigation team urged the government, the judiciary, officials, forensic scientists, and human rights commissions to do a proper investigation by going to the actual scenes where the atrocities were committed.

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