Int’l Human Rights Organizations Invited to Investigate into Massacres Committed by TPLF

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Ethiopia has called on international human rights organizations and advocates to investigate into the massacres committed by the terrorist TPLF.

Briefing the media today, Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa said the government is ready to give all the necessary support to international human rights entities as well as activists in the area to probe into the atrocities.

The terrorist TPLF has committed ruthless human abuses and massacres in the Amhara and Afar regional states it had occupied.

The state minister revealed that reports from liberated areas indicate that the TPLF had been committing serious human rights abuses. It killed many innocent civilians and committed a number of heinous crimes.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has, for instance, revealed yesterday that extreme violence was committed in two towns of  Amhara region by the terrorist TPLF, she pointed out.

In this HRW report, the terrorist group executed close to 50 civilians in Chenna and Kobo towns alone between August 31 and September 9, 2021, it was learned.  

The compile report has clearly shown the true nature of the terrorist TPLF to the world, she noted.

According to her, the Government of Ethiopia had been pushing international human rights institutions to investigate into the atrocities perpetrated by TPLF and also calls on the organizations  to probe into the heinous acts committed in the two regions.

Selamawit added the government will be so supportive and it will cooperate with the international human right entities and activities could come to the area, take a closer look and expose the truth to the world.

“It is well known that these international and human rights organizations have been making a lot of noise in the past by raising irrelevant things. Presently, the Ethiopian government is  determined to  provide the necessary support for the concerned human right originations so that they can investigate the worst human rights abuses and massacres of civilians in the Amhara and Afar regions.”

Speaking about the rehabilitation and reconstruction endeavors in liberated areas, the state minister said activities are intensified to bring justice to the victims of atrocities and to rehabilitate displaced people in the areas.

The activities are handled by a task force comprised of four ministers.

Meanwhile, secondary school students have provided community services by harvesting crops, donating blood, preparing food for the defense force, and collecting donations for the displaced during the week .

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