Int’l Community Should Refrain from Echoing False Propaganda, Understand Gov’t Peaceful Stance on Northern conflict: Amb.

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Addis Ababa, October 21,2022  International community should refrain themselves from echoing false propaganda and understand the commitments of the Ethiopian government to peacefully resolve the conflict in the northern part of the country, the Ethiopian Ambassador to India said.

in an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Tizita Muguleta said the Ethiopian Government is always responsible to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The government is also responsible for the people of Ethiopia including those who are living in the Tigray region, she said, adding the Tigray region is also part of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government is responsible for that region.

The different kinds of awful atrocities, millions of displacements, looting and destruction of properties as well as diverting of humanitarian aid by the terrorist TPLF were not clearly condemned by the international community, she added.

The ambassador elaborated though they are now echoing all false propaganda accusing ENDF the atrocities but what is happening even if you think it from a normal person point of view when there is legitimate government,  things are safe.

“What is happening now and what the Ethiopian government is doing is to bring peace and security in that area using all the necessary institutions. We also believe that is happening and the international community also needs to have confidence in the government of Ethiopia,” she underlined.

Moreover, she stated that the Ethiopian government always abides by international law. It is a founding member of the United Nations and it always abides by the rule and all the necessary commitments in the UN.

“Since everything happened under the international law, there is no way that the government could commit atrocities, rather better peace, better stability would happen in that region. International community should understand and respect as well as create confidence on the government of Ethiopia,” the ambassador noted.

Speaking on the government’s commitments to scale up humanitarian aid, ambassador Tizita said from the very beginning,  the government of Ethiopia has been ready and was doing all its best in providing all necessary humanitarian aid  to the people of Ethiopia in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government is ready and continued its commitment to provide all necessary humanitarian aid; we still need the international community to appreciate this commitment of the government and to provide humanitarian aid because the people over there need support, she underlined.

Therefore, the ambassador stressed that “the international community has to see all the commitment of the government, develop their confidence and they have to refrain from echoing all these false propaganda and supporting the other sides.”

Noting some international institutions are spreading false propaganda about Ethiopia she said, that the international community and different institutions need to as much as possible, respect the integrity of global institution.

“What have been seeing this day is totally unacceptable, totally out of the rule and principle of international institutions,” she said, adding they need to see the situation,  review what is really happening on the ground and come up with  better approach to help Ethiopia.     

On other hand, Tizita said Ethiopia is always ready to take the AU platform to discuss the issues for any kind of peace talks.

“This problem is happening internally and it is internal problem. If any kind of interference and mediation is needed,  Ethiopia always believes that regional mediation would be better and for that African Union is already made the platform,” she stated.

The government of Ethiopia is committed to using Africa’s platform to resolve the problem in norther part of the country, she said, stressing “It is up to the international community to push TPLF to also come to undertake peace talks based on that platform.”

Inviting other actors to the issue, would make it more politicized and internationalized, she stressed.

Tizita, who is also  non-resident Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal and Bangladesh stated the embassy has been briefing the respective countries what is going on, updates and the measures being taken by the government of Ethiopia.

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