Int’l Community Not Giving Enough Attention to Humanitarian Needs in Invaded Regions: Press Secretary

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Addis Ababa, November 30, 2021 (ENA) No enough attention is being paid from the international community to people affected by the invasion of the terrorist group TPLF in Afar and Amhara regional states, Press Secretary Billene Seyoum said today.

According to her, overabundant rhetoric is coming back again and again that assistance is only needed for Tigray region, which is not the case.

“Due to the escalation of the conflict by the TPLF into Amhara region more than 1.1 million people have been displaced. In total, more than 5.6 million people affected by the conflict are at present in need of emergency food assistance by the government, partners, local communities as well as private actors.”  

In the Afar region, the affected population is estimated to be more than 260,000 and the displaced persons 100,000. Nevertheless, this data will no doubt increase considering the attacks of TPLF that had been waged on people of Afar in the couples of weeks, the press secretary stated.

Regarding to provision of support to the region, the federal government and the National Disaster Risk Management Commission, together with regional counterparts and partners, are mobilizing resources to the IDP’s in the region.

As of October 21,2021, the Ethiopian government and partners have distributed over 36,000 quintals of foods for more than 235,000 displaced peoples, it was learned.

With specifics to humanitarian assistance to Tigray region, the United Nations air service flight  has resumed to Mekele since November 23,2021.

Since then two rounds of flight have been conducted through UN air flight and an estimated 40 million Birr has been transported to Mekele for administration and program budgetary expenditures.

Some 353 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies are also currently headed to Tigray Regional State from Semera, Afar Region, through Abala road carrying more than 9,600 metric tons of food and 1,800 metric tons of non-food items.

A total of 160 trucks have already reached Mekele town over the past few days, according to Billene.

On the current peace and security situation, she said there is no doubt that Ethiopia is engaged in conflict with the belligerent TPLF terrorist organization that has been employing play book terrorist tactics in some pockets. It is erroneous to portray that the entire country has been engulfed in all out civil war, the press secretary noted.

The Ethiopian government refutes fear and panic mongering about the situation in Addis Ababa and the country, she stressed, adding that such claims are irresponsible and unnecessary.

It is extremely disappointing that some key partners have been taking the lead here and encouraging and mobilizing other partners to further intensify rhetoric of doom, Billene noted. Creating atmosphere of fear and security for political purpose is unacceptable.   

She revealed that the Government of Ethiopia has achieved massive military victory over the TPLF group and regained control of various areas over the past few days.  

“The decision of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed to join the army has boosted the morale of the military and the people of Ethiopia to unite and resist the threat of the terrorist TPLF,” the press secretary stated.

Commenting on the disinformation campaign being waged by the TPLF, she said the social media platforms are silencing pro-Ethiopia voices and trying to bring regime change.

” In social media, we particularly believe that Twitter is targeting and suspending pro-Ethiopia voices that are raising awareness about the TPLF atrocities and its lies.”

However, Ethiopians in the diaspora have continued raising their voices united.

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