Inter-Religious Council Patrons Visit Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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Addis Ababa September 17/2022/ENA/  Patrons of the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia have visited the progress of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and its current status today.

During their visit, patrons of the council wished the Ethiopian New Year to be a year of peace, hope and unity for Ethiopia.

They also blessed the dam and prayed for Ethiopia and the workers at the dam.

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The patrons further congratulated Ethiopians for the successful completion of the third round  filling of the dam and the current status of the dam.

The patrons said they have realized that the dam will not harm the people of the downstream countries, including Egypt and Sudan, from the briefing of experts.

They also called on Ethiopians to strengthen their support to the completion of the dam by ensuring peace and unity since the GERD is “our common wealth and hope of tomorrow.”  

Inter-Religious Council General Secretary, Reverend Tagay Tadele expressed his pleasure for being able to visit the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is a symbol of Ethiopian unity, at the beginning of the Ethiopian New Year.

Sacrifices are being paid unreservedly on various fronts to maintain the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia, he noted, adding that at this place too works are being carried out day and night to realize the development and prosperity of Ethiopia.

The reverend stressed that all Ethiopians must exert all efforts to realize the completion of the dam that is an example of unity, development and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has successfully attained its third filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in August 2022.

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