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Institutes Organize Forum on Peace Building, Reconstruction and Law Enforcement

Addis Ababa January 23/2021 ( ENA ) A dialogue forum on peace building, reconstruction, rehabilitation and law enforcement was held in Addis Ababa today.

Institute of Strategic Affairs (ISA) and Institute for Security Studies organized the forum aimed at bringing sustainable solution for the current problems in the country.

Institute of Strategic Affairs Director-General, Yohannes Boyalew said the main objective of the forum is to find sustainable solution to the problems that cause loss of lives and property.

The forum was meant to explain the depth of the problem and provide policy options that would help to bring the situation in the country to normalcy.

According to him, solving post-conflict problems is timely and therefore needs cooperation of all stakeholders.

“Whenever we are in conflict as a nation, we are all victims. One cannot benefit from the suffering of others. One does not profit while the other loses,” the director-general stressed. 

Foreign Affairs State Minister, Redwan Hussien said on his part the way to solve the problem of insecurity can be found through consultations and discussions.

He added that this could not be about a winner and a loser as it harms everyone. Therefore it is important to identify and solve our problems in a coordinated manner.

In his presentation, Tegegnework Gettu said the country needs to give priority to rehabilitation in the face of the prevailing security problems.

According to him, post-conflict period mainly requires political settlement, peace and security as well as rule of law.   

Participants of the forum underlined that the biggest problem of the country is the political elite that needs to work together to build the country. Otherwise,  peace cannot be achieved.

In the day-long dialogue, three research papers were presented for discussion and policy recommendations that help nation building and consolidation of peace expected to be put forward.

Parliament members, competing political parties, researchers, security officials, scholars as well as senior federal and regional states government officials attended the forum.

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