Institute Providing Services that Uplift National Economy, Ensure Self-Reliance

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Addis Ababa October 27/2022/ENA/ The Space Science and Geospatial Institute is providing services that uplift the national economy and ensure self-reliance, the institute director said.

Space Science and Geospatial Institute Director, Abdissa Yilma told ENA that the institute plans to build internal capacity and disseminate geospatial information to pertinent stakeholders this  Ethiopian budget year.

Enhancing the institution’s internal capability includes human resource, organizational structure, and technology, he added.

The institute also wants to support other government and non-governmental agencies through its services and products.

“In the agriculture sector, for instance, we have already built a model for yield estimation. Moreover, we have identified suitable areas for wheat farming, especially in Afar region. That will be extended to the national level. Also, areas that are suitable for installing solar panels in Somali region are identified. Meanwhile we are supporting GERD by providing relevant information and developing a system for the health sector that shows the spatial distribution of health facilities,” the director elaborated.

Similarly systems are also built to monitor forest dynamism and tourism.

Abdissa believes that private and governmental organizations should use the institute’s products to accelerate national economic growth and ensure self-reliance in various fields.

Ethiopia is not only known but also seen as a symbol of independence, he noted, adding that “but  for us to remain a sovereign and independent nation there are many frontiers to win.”

“The only way for us to be strong and realize our economic development and become self-reliant, we need to develop our own technology. Without developing national technological capability, we cannot fully remain independent.”

For this to happen, he stated that the recently inaugurated National Science Museum and the Burayu Talent Development School will have paramount impact in moving the nation’s technology aspiration forward.

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