INSA Thwarts 15-Billion-Birr Loss Incurring Cyber-Attacks

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Addis Ababa, February 2/2023/ENA/ The Ethiopian Information Network Security Administration (INSA) revealed that it has thwarted cyber-attacks which would have caused 15 billion Birr loss during the past 6 months.

Briefing journalists about the performance report of INSA, Information Network Security Administration Director-General, Solomon Soka, said 2,145 cyber-attacks were attempted.

Of these, 2,049 that could caused an estimated loss of more than 15 billion birr were thwarted.

According to him, cyber security vulnerability research was also undertaken on 64 institutions during the stated period.

Some 340 cyber security vulnerabilities were identified in the research conducted in the institutions (27 governmental and 37 private).

From among these, 97 were highly vulnerable, 154 medium vulnerable, and 89 low vulnerable.

When compared to same period last Ethiopian fiscal year, there is improvement of cyber security vulnerability of the institutions, the director general stated.

Security institutions, banks, financial institutions, education and medical institutions as well as the media were among the institutions targeted by hackers, it was learned.

Solomon stressed that institutions need to give due attention to cyber security, establish cyber security administration system, and work closely with INSA on the issue as well as implement cyber security legal frameworks.

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