Inhabitants of War-torn Towns Welcome Peace Agreement

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Addis Ababa, (ENA) November 9,2022  Some residents of war-torn towns in the northern part of Ethiopia have welcomed the peace agreement reached between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF to end the two-year long conflict.

Ethiopian News Agency media crew which traveled to the war affected areas in the northern part of the country has witnessed normalcy in the localities Robit, Kobbo, Alamata, Raya Bala and Chercher towns.

The places were the major areas of the conflict which resulted in tremendous human sufferings, damage to properties, and infrastructural destruction.

The residents told ENA that the peace agreement under the facilitation of the African Union would bring durable peace in the war affected areas and Ethiopia at large.

Moges Hayelom a resident of Cherecher town said that war always takes human lives, destroys communities and erodes development gains as it leaves a legacy of fear, hostility, and trauma.

He noted that the end of all wars are reconciliation and peace and the peace agreement between the Ethiopian government and TPLF ensures the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

According to him, the peace agreement would heal the trauma and nurture a durable stability which the country has tremendously suffered from.

“Now I am more than happy as an Ethiopian with the peace agreement. I think that peace is important for the people of Ethiopia and especially for the people of Tigray. As the native of this area, I believe that the peace agreement means a lot to the people. Therefore, I am happy that the peace ended in the way that Ethiopia wants and benefits its people.”

He stressed that the disarmament of the TPLF is vital to Ethiopian lasting peace as two armed forces cannot exist in the country.

Despite the challenges and tremendous pressure Ethiopia faced during the last two years, Moges underlined that Ethiopians have proved that no one can destroy their country.

He believes that the future of Ethiopia is bright and its people would live in peace and harmony.

The other resident of Raya Bala Wereda, Mola Dinberu, appreciated the peace agreement in Pretoria, South Africa, specifically the disarmament agreement as it is imperative for sustainable peace and building confidence.

“In particular, the disarmament agreement is very good. Because this will hopefully direct the country from war to development.”

For Fisseha Fantaw who resides in the outskirts of Kobbo town the peace agreement is a breakthrough to the nation, especially to the people of Amhara, Afar and Tigray.

“I am so happy. My generation has not experienced a conflict like this. The cost of peace is actually huge. Of course, Ethiopia has of course experienced internal and foreign conflicts at various times. But I think this is the biggest and worst. Therefore, we are very happy when we get out of this kind of war and make the country peaceful.”

The resident, who claimed to have witnessed human loss and material destruction, including massive looting in Kobbo and its surrounding areas during the conflict, underlined that revenge and retaliation has to be stopped at this point in time.

“Any retaliation will result in more bloodshed.”

The youth further elaborated that reconciliation and reintegration of the people of Tigray has to be a priority.

Mengesha Cheru, a resident of Alamata town said he is very happy with the peaceful approach of the government, adding that “the people are tired of the war.”

“We are so exhilarated by this peace deal which is anticipated to solve the problem once and for all, and our people can live happily. Normally, the peace talks are beneficial for the people and government of Ethiopia.”

Recall that the peace agreement signed last week between the Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, underlined respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the upholding of the Constitution.

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