Industry Minister Stresses Need for Strengthening Industry-University Linkage to Achieve Target

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Addis Ababa (ENA) February 24/2023 Special attention has been given to strengthening industry-university linkage in order to achieve the target set in the industrial sector in Ethiopia, according to Ministry of Industry.

Speaking at a discussion forum organized by Unity University today, Industry Minister Melaku Alebel said strengthening the relationship between industry and academia is crucial to achieving the national goals set in the manufacturing sector. 

The industry sector can grow only when it gets educated manpower, the minister pointed out. 

According to him, industries have a skill gap and this gap can be filled when higher education institutions and industries work together.

The activity initiated by Unity University in this regard is a path that other universities should follow.

He pointed out that the ministry started the campaign dubbed “Let Ethiopia produce” a year ago to support the linkage between industries and universities, apart from making existing industries utilize their full production capacity. 

The campaign also aims at attracting new investments into the manufacturing industry, it was learned. 

The status of manufacturing industries in Ethiopia is not in good, Melaku said, adding that most of them have been utilizing a very insignificant portion of their installed capacity.

Lack of input, finance, infrastructure, skilled manpower, government service and support are the underlying factors, the minister stated.  

The ministry plans to increase capacity utilization from 50 percent to 85 percent by 2030. 

The campaign “Let Ethiopia produce” is necessitated because the ministry cannot solve these problems alone and the cooperation of various stakeholders is crucial, Melaku noted.

About 150 students of the Unity University were present at the discussion and similar discussion will continue with other universities with the aim to solve problems in the sector and boost industrialization.

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