Illegitimate to Pick Up Arms While Opportunities Are Available to Address Concerns: State Minister

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December 17, 2021 (ENA) No one would have any legitimate and honorable reason to pick up arms while there is every opportunity to sit down and discuss and solve problems and also address concerns in a civil manner, Foreign Affairs State Minister Redwan Hussien told Smile Jamaica Television.
In an exclusive interview with Smile Jamaica TV, the state minister said that Ethiopian is capable of solving its recent problem as the country has thousands of years experience.  

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Ethiopia has been making preparations to conduct an inclusive national dialogue that will bring every segment of the society in the country, Redwan disclosed.

“Every Ethiopian, who has some sort of concern whether as a party or an intellectual, could have access to join that discussion. So, everything would be under discussion. The constitution can be amended by every entity.”

When asked about external forces trying to push their own agenda in Ethiopia following the conflict in the northern part of the country, the state minister responded that there are evidences of interference, “both in practice and intention.”

“We have been saying that time and again. We have evidences to say so. Whenever the Ethiopian government tries to exert a maximum effort to its level best, some entities downplay that. And also, they orchestrate a number of meetings in Geneva, Brussels and New York to make Ethiopia subject of discussion,” Redwan elaborated.

Explaining twisted and skewed facts as part of anti-Ethiopia narratives by  the Western media, he stated that they have been downplaying the efforts of the government and fabricating facts to make news stories.

“For instance, CNN is trying to portray genocide in Tigray while it has not been interested to cover things happening in Afar and Amhara regional states.”

Redwan further blamed the international media and UN agencies for keeping silent on the blockade of humanitarian trucks by the terrorist TPLF.

He explained that “for the last several months, about 900 trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the people of Tigray were hijacked by TPLF in the region. Yet, the media outlets and UN agencies are simply accusing the government of Ethiopia for blocking the humanitarian convoy.”  

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