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June 14, 2021
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“If you like comfort, and that’s what drives you, you’ll never do this,” Commander [Prof. Birhanu Nega]

By Zerihun Shumete/ Germany


As a deprived Ethiopian I would first like to thank the New York Times for this article (Once a Bucknell Professor, Now the Commander of an Ethiopian Rebel Army Why Birhanu Nega traded a tenured position for the chance to lead a revolutionary force against an oppressive regime). It indeed excites me the fact that international media are beginning to cover widely on the growing protests and public disobediences in Ethiopia.

The head of the current undemocratic, dictatorial and savage regime (TPLF), Prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn, has waged a war against innocent demonstrators in Northern part of Ethiopia (Amhara people) by giving direct order to the army to use all means (which means heavy weapons, tanks and even air-strikes with jets or war helicopters) on Aug 29 2016. The people have had enough of the 25 years dictatorial and barbaric rule by TPLF. With various mass demonstrations, civil disobediences and armed struggle the life span of the current Ethiopian dictatorial government will soon come to an end. We (Ethiopians) urge USA (long ally of the dictatorial Ethiopian government because it is deploying poor Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia in pretext of fighting terrorism while it is till this hour terrorizing its own innocent people of Oromo and Amahra) and the European countries (which pour millions of dollars each year to this savage juntas TPLF hoping it prevents migrants from South Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia from coming to Europe) to stand with the people and stop supporting tyranny (like the current Ethiopian regime).

Our hearts bleed in deep sadness for those innocent Ethiopians in Gondor, Bahir Dar, Oromia, Addis Ababa and other parts who lost their dear lives by the state sponsored killings. More than 100 peaceful Amahra and over 500 innocent Oromo demonstrators are reported being shot directly by the government’s snipers and soldiers in 2015/2016. Let your soul rest in heaven.





By Zerihun Shumete



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