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How do I define most Ethiopians in Diaspora ? [Eduardo Byrono]

Eduardo Byrono

Two faces. Town full of pretenders. A bunch of fakes. Selfish.Cowards. And a pioneer of protest for the last 25 years. Now make no mistake, my definition doesn’t cover the entire community so to speak. There are caring and responsible Ethiopians in the midst.
Diaspora….. Prove my definition of you wrong and I will apologize.
If you truly care and feel the pain of our people as you have been claiming over the years, then do the necessary. Boycott buying each and every products which is labeled and shipped out of Ethiopia to the stores near you.

By purchasing this products, you are supporting the oppressors back home indirectly. Because their company is the one that snatches from our people and provide them to you in exchange of your dollars.
That includes injera, shiro, Berbere. Ambo’weha and so forth. Boycott using Ethiopian airlines to fly abroad. There is so much you can do to make a change. Carrying flags, billboards and marching by the streets of European cites by itself doesn’t take you anywhere.
So now is the right time to change your 25 years old protest to action. Choose a leader to lead you and have one constant voice.

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