HoF Speaker Urges Regional States to Consolidate Revenue Collection Capacity

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Addis Ababa July 14/2022 /ENA/ House of Federation (HoF) Speaker, Agegnew Teshager, has urged regional states to enhance their revenue collecting capacity and contribute to their respective development demands.

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Commenting on the budget subsidy allocated to regional governments in the concluded Ethiopian budget year, the speaker said increasing revenue collection and income generation is key for regional states to respond to the ever increasing demands for development.

There have been complaints by regional state administrations about the unfair allocation of funds, he noted, adding that increasing income and revenue collection should be prioritized despite the mechanisms developed for fair distribution of subsidy budgets.

Chairperson of the Subsidy Budget and Shared Revenue Affairs Standing Committee, Shimelis Abdissa said that proper mechanisms need to put in place to avoid the unfair allocation of   budget subsidy for regional states.

The chairperson stressed that working on enhancing the capacity of collecting revenue is fundamentally significant for regional states to reduce their dependance on budget subsidy.

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