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HoF Speaker Calls for Strong Cooperation among Neighboring Regional States

Addis Ababa, January 28/2021(ENA) House of Federation (HoF) Speaker Adem Farah has urged regions in the country to work together and bring people closer so as to strengthen national unity.

West and North Neighboring Regional Consultative Forum kicked off in Bahir Dar city today under the theme “Good-Neighborliness for (the) Prosperity of Ethiopia.”

In his opening remark, House of Federation Speaker Adem Farah, said regional cooperation is imperative to strengthen people-to-people relationship.

“Strong interregional relationship will enable Ethiopia to achieve prosperity,” he added.

The House of Federation will provide all the necessary support to strengthen this relationship, Adem stressed.

Amhara Regional State Chief Administrator, Agegnehu Teshager said on his part that strengthening internal unity will play a positive role in making Ethiopia esteemed and sovereign.

“Cooperation and collaboration are the bases for our existence,” he stressed, adding that strong unity and peace are crucial for the prosperity of our country.”

The forum, which began this morning, is expected to discuss the concept, importance and benefits of intergovernmental relations, forms and features of relations as well as experiences of intergovernmental relations.

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