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June 20, 2021
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Happy 26th anniversary Oromia region. – Eduardo Byrono

Let us have a real talk. Enough to a fabricated rant.

Oromia is the largest region which is created 26 years ago and located within the Ethiopian territory. That is what it is. Neither it is a State nor a Nation.

The name “Oromia” itself was purposely created by certain European scholars around 30 years ago to pose a bitter division among us for their own personal gain.

Prior the mentioned year above. a name Oromia has never existed anywhere on the map. That is the real talk, the rest is a fabricated crap.

Oromia activists….. You go ahead and fool those who choose to be fooled by you fairytale. But know that, there are millions of us who are very much aware of how coward you are.

You are the enemy of unity and a fan of evil. And you will sit in London for the rest of your entire years and dream of Oromia.

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