Green Legacy Initiative Needs to be Followed by Many Countries: ECA Director

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Addis Ababa August 3/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative needs to be followed by many countries, Economic Commission for Africa Director for Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resources Management said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Jean Paul Adam said planting of trees as Ethiopia’s Green Legacy program is the best example of nature solution to tackle climate change.

According to him, the plantation scheme is not only a very good example of protecting environment but also has impact on people lives.

In this regard, the director mentioned fruit trees being planted as part of the green legacy initiative. People have the opportunity to collect the fruits and vegetables and take economic activities associated with the planting of the trees.

He  further said the initiative is an example that can be followed by many countries.

“This initiative is an example which can be followed by many countries and  countries like Ethiopia that are developing and need more support to be able to undertake this kind of activities as well as this kind of resilience, including investing energy or investing in production system, that have less impact on the climate.’’

Investing on tree planting can reduce risk of flooding and improve access to water, Adam said,  adding that the way Ethiopia is doing in planting trees is also part of  the effort of creating economic opportunities for livelihood.

Moreover, the country is also looking at the opportunity to build capacity for agro-forestry while re-planting deforestation.

” We (ECA and UN partners) are also looking at how we can support other countries that would be interested to develop a program like the Green Legacy in which Ethiopia is simultaneously providing environmental protection; and therefore some resilience against climate change. The country is also looking for the opportunity to build capacity for  agro-forestry,” the director elaborated.

It is to be noted that Ethiopia launched the Green Legacy Initiative in 2019 with the view to planting 20 billion seedlings in the four consecutive years. Some 18 billion have already been planted during  the last three years.

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