Green Legacy, Basin Dev’t Blessings to Downstream Countries, Neighbors: Water & Energy Minister

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July 07 , 2022 (ENA) Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative and watershed development activities have brought blessings to the low riparian countries and neighboring countries, Water and Energy Minister Habtamu Itefa told ENA.

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is working to protect the environment and withstand the effects of
climate change that has been making significant changes in water
resource development.

to the minister, Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative and related
conservation activities are blessings not only to Ethiopia but also to
the lower downstream countries and neighboring nations.

Green Legacy Initiative is strengthening the water sources of Ethiopia,
including trans-boundary rivers, and creating green environment that
can withstand drought.  

the downstream countries are trying to hinder Ethiopia’s effort to use
its natural resource, including the construction of the GERD, instead of
looking at the positive progresses, Habtamu stressed.  

main reason for their plot stems from their reluctance to see Ethiopia
alleviating poverty and improving the livelihood of its citizens.”

is constructing the dam by exercising its right to use the water
without harming other countries, the minister underscored.

countries should therefore be aware of the fact that the fall of water
level on Nile River occurs due to climate change or lack of  rainfall,
the minister stated, adding this is not a man-made phenomenon in the
hands of Ethiopia but a natural phenomenon.

countries need to understand the effects of climate change on river
levels and work together with Ethiopia through protecting the
environment, Habtamu noted.

development work on trans-boundary rivers, including the Nile River,
should thus be understood as an initiative carried out not to harm other
countries, the minister underscored.

He further noted that Ethiopia has the right to develop and use its water resources to power its industries and create jobs.

negative path some countries are taking on Ethiopia’s use of its water
resource, instead of supporting the development activities, will not
benefit them, the minister elaborated, adding that the Green Legacy
Initiative is a model for other countries.

has planted 18 billion tree seedlings in the past three successive
rainy seasons and is  planting over 6 billion saplings this rainy

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