Great Ethiopian Homecoming Stimulates Country’s Tourism, Economy, Says Italian Tour Operator

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December 22/2021/ENA/   The homecoming of the diaspora from all corners of the world would stimulate the tourism sector in particular and the economy of the country in general, an Italian tour operator in Ethiopia said.

Speaking to ENA, the owner of SimienEco Tours Marco Dagasper said the 1 million Ethiopian Diaspora journey to Ethiopia would stimulate the economy in general and the tourism sector in particular.

The Great Ethiopian Homecoming would stimulate development and tourism, which have been plagued by COVID-19 epidemic and conflicts over the last two years, he added.

“I find this journey to Ethiopia a great initiative because this is what Ethiopia needs now not only in the tourism sector but generally for the economy,” Dagasper stated.

According to him, the visiting diaspora will boost the economy of Ethiopia because they would bring hard currency and friends of Ethiopia to visit and enjoy the natural and man made tourism sites as well as check investment opportunities in the country.

The homecoming initiative would “somehow boost the economy because the diaspora brings in hard currency, lots of friends of Ethiopia and may stay here for long time. Some may even check  investment opportunities. And all of these hopefully have good or positive impact on the economy,” Dagasper elaborated.

The year 2022 will hopefully be the year that some more business activities would start, the tour operator said.  

“We all hope that 2022 will be the year when tourism will be back to Ethiopia and hopefully the Ethiopian diaspora will make the first big impact in January. And that could be the start of some more tourism flow throughout the whole year of 2022.”

The tour operator further stressed the need for international tourists from foreign countries to be encouraged to come and visit Ethiopia like the Ethiopian Diaspora.

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