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Great day for the Ethiopian Judo & JuJitsu Sport.

African Championship,  Marrakech, (Benguerir),  Morocco, April 5, 2019

Yared Negusse is the new African Ju-Jitsu Champion in Brasilien Ju-Jitsu which is kind of more Judo oriented system in 56 kg. For the first time ever in the history the Ethiopian national anthem played and the flag waved at International Championships. He won all his matches against the strong Moroccans, Algeria, Tunisians,.. two of it with submission (k.o) and the rest by points.

The second big and amazing news is that Meskerem Alemayehu became Vice African Champion and won silver as the first ever Ethiopian female. She won one match by submission (k.o)  and rest by points.

Wondimu and Menilik just lost by points against the international experienced athletes!

High officials of Moroccan Royal government,  the presidant and board members of the international federation were presented at the opening  and medals ceremony.

The national Morocco TV and Dubai TV transmitted the competition.

Tomorrow, there will be a competition in other systems. Around 200 athletes are competing for medals.

Up to now, the name and image of Ethiopia is respectful in this sport in the African and International level.. These results makes all Ethiopian proud!

It tooks 10 years, hard work and many unbelievable challenges to reach at  this level in Ethiopia.

Best wishes from Morocco!

Dr. Tsegaye Degineh

Vice President Ju Jitsu African Union
Vice President  Ju Jitsu International Federation Ethics Commission

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