Gov’t Stresses Need to Recognize Conspiracies of Historical Enemies, Fight Extremism –

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Addis Ababa May 3, 2022(Walta) – The wider Ethiopian public must recognize the conspiracies of the country’s historical enemies and their messengers; and must demonstrate commitment to enhancing multi-national unity and fighting against extremism and antagonism, the Government Communication Service (GCS) said.

In its statement released in connection with the celebration of the 1443rd Eid Al-Fitr holiday, GCS underscored that such a plot attempted by the historical enemies of the country and their agents will never succeed.

“The Conspiracy and evil intentions of historical enemies with the collaboration of internal traitors bent on destabilizing  Ethiopia never succeed,” the statement underlined.

The statement further said religious extremism and divisiveness across regions continue to be major instruments for Ethiopia’s enemies to destabilize and destroy the country.

Some internal forces, under the guise of religion, have joined external forces and historical enemies to dismantle the county’s social cohesion, the statement revealed.

Moreover, the Government Communication Service added such forces are working hard to abort the hitherto endeavors of the government to ensure durable peace and stability in the country and they are determined to create divisiveness, disunity, and instability.

Recalling the conflict that occurred in Gondar, Amhara Regional State last week, the conflict entrepreneurs have attempted to incite unrest by escalating the conflict to Werabe Town of Silte Zone, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Reginal State, and other areas.

By the same token, these forces have tried to implement their evil deeds during the celebration of the 1443rd Eid Al-Fitr, in Addis Ababa today.

However, thanks to the peace-loving Muslim Faithful and the coordination of security forces, the conspiracy of destabilizing Addis Ababa was foiled, except for minor injuries sustained by security forces and damages inflicted on the Martyrs’ Memorial Museum and properties at Masqel Square, the statement pointed out.

The government will be reinforcing its crackdown in all parts of the country on extremists and anti-peace forces under the guise of religion or any other means, it added.

“The government will continue to strengthen the rule of law and maintain the safety of citizens by hunting down individuals who are trying to create unrest by using religion as a guide in any part of the country, whether intentionally or unknowingly.”

The government of Ethiopia is fully committed to and capable to ensure the supremacy of law, the statement indicated.

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