Gov’t Reaffirms Commitment to Peaceful Settlement of Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa August 20/2022/ENA/ The Government of Ethiopia will not withdraw its commitment to a peaceful settlement of the conflict in northern Ethiopia, unless things prove very difficult, Government Communication Service Minister Legesse Tulu said.

In his presser today, the minister said that the government wants peace to prevail in the country. “We want the region to be free from conflict and terrorism.”

The minister recalled that the federal government has made several attempts to peacefully resolve the conflict in Tigray Region by declaring unilateral humanitarian truce, lifting of state of emergency, halting the advance of its troops to the regional capital Mekelle, releasing detainees suspected of being affiliated with the TPLF, and taking other confidence building measures.

To expedite its latest peace initiative, a peace committee was established and adopted a peace proposal that would lead to the conclusion of a ceasefire that lays the foundation for future political dialogue.

Furthermore, it called for a ceasefire agreement as soon as possible with the help of entities that could support the mediation effort of the African Union.

However, the TPLF has been exerting efforts to undermine the peace alternative by coming up with preconditions.

“Preconditions to engage in peace talks are unacceptable on the part of the Ethiopian government,” Legesse stressed. Ceasefire comes first, followed by peace talks.

However, the TPLF is beating the drums of war for a third-round of devastating war abandoning the peace option proposed by the Ethiopian government, the minister pointed out.

“Relying on the support of foreign powers, the TPLF group is beating the drums of war to cause  bloodshed and destruction of property. Earlier, the group had repeatedly said that they can achieve what they want by force. And they have set a deadline for this.”

The TPLF group, through its propaganda bullhorn, international media outlets and lobbyists, is  making preparations for war by claiming that the government has broken the humanitarian ceasefire.

 But “TPLF hasn’t even named its peace negotiators yet. The group has signed new contracts with lobbyists and is spreading this ill-intended narrative through the Western media. For instance, the Director-General of the World Health Organization has started spreading false story,” he underscored.

“To make Ethiopia a center of regional insecurity, the TPLF, Shene and Al Shabaab have been collaborating with our historic enemies that keep attacking us through irregular armed forces.”

The minister further said that through its spokesperson, the group is vowing to achieve its goals by force within a set time and that clearly indicates that TPLF is not ready for peace.

The group cannot answer the development questions of the people of Tigray, the minister noted, adding that it rather wants to live through conflict.

Legesse said that as the people of Tigray are peace-loving, they are now migrating to neighboring regions to seek peace.  

The minister finally urged all peace-loving forces to support the government’s peace efforts.

“The Government of Ethiopia calls on all peace-loving forces to support its peace efforts and put pressure on the TPLF to accept the peace process.”

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