Gov’t Effort of Resolve Conflict in Tigray Peacefully Must be Encouraged: S. Sudanese Ambassador

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Addis Ababa August 2/ 2022/ENA/ The effort of the Ethiopian government to resolve the conflicts in northern part of country has to be encouraged, South Sudanese Ambassador James P. Morgan said.

Speaking to ENA, the ambassador pointed out that the initiation of the federal government to solve the conflict peacefully and the establishment of the National Dialogue Commission to hold inclusive dialogue is the right approach.

The most important thing the Government of Ethiopia has to show is seriousness about the peaceful option it is pursuing to solve conflicts and problems in the country, he noted, stressing  that the killing of Ethiopians among themselves must stop.

“That is the right way because the government is in charge, and it is the government that has to bring the country together. What the government is doing is the right thing. The other side or the TPLF that were fighting the government will come in also.  … I think they will. There will be no way out.”

The Government of South Sudan has been calling for the resolution of the issue in northern Ethiopia through peaceful means, Morgan recalled.

“When the crisis happened in 2020 in Tigray, President Salva Kiir was the first in the region or the continent who came up and said ‘No. Ethiopia is our second home and we don’t want to see Ethiopia having crisis. Issues of Tigray or northern Ethiopia need to be resolved through peaceful means.”

The ambassador stated that when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came up with the proposal and initiative of National Dialogue we were very grateful. That is the genuine way to go.

The Government of South Sudan always says that Ethiopia shouldn’t be divided by ethnic differences, he noted, underlining that ethnic differences in Ethiopia should be celebrated as a strength of the nation.

Recalling the Victory of Adwa registered in 1896 through the collective effort of all Ethiopians, Morgan underscored that Ethiopians must celebrate the spirit of Adwa and come together to resolve their issue on the table.

He further highlighted that Adwa gave fellow African people the hope and strength to liberate Africa from the yoke of colonialism.

The ambassador finally emphasized that “the people of Ethiopia must celebrate the spirit of Adwa and come together as one nation and one people to resolve their issues on the table, not through the barrel of the gun.”

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