Gov’t Doing Utmost to Promote Peace in Northern Part of Country: American Political Analyst

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July 01, 2022 (ENA) The federal government is doing its “utmost to promote peace in the northern part of Ethiopia,” American Political Analyst Andrew Korybko told ENA.

government has taken steps to pave the way for dialogue and lasting
peace and create unfettered access to humanitarian partners in the
northern part of the country.

its dubious position, however, the terrorist TPLF is not reciprocating
to the peace initiatives offered by the Ethiopian government. Instead it
is threatening to take things back to square one.

American analyst pointed out that the federal government has behaved
responsibly and is doing its utmost effort to promote peace in the
northern part of Ethiopia.

problem is that the terrorist-designated TPLF isn’t sincere in having
this happens; instead it is hoping to continue holding the people of its
eponymous region hostage in order to profit from stealing their
humanitarian aid as well as secretly rearming under this cover.”

also noted that some western countries are not putting pressure on its
proxies to seriously consider the peace process by first unilaterally
disarming and demobilizing like the authorities have demanded.

TPLF will not unilaterally disarm and demobilize in accordance with the
government’s demand unless its western patrons either force them to do
so or abandon them for whatever reason,” he said.

the countries are instead tacitly supporting the TPLF’s destabilizing
activities that only prolongs the conflict, according to Korybko.

analyst believes that the TPLF is emboldened by the tacit support it
receives from the West, including those which directly supply to under
the cover of UN-provided humanitarian aid to continue obstructing the
peace process by not unilaterally disarming and demobilizing the
terrorist group.

(the countries) are actively resupplying this terrorist group under the
cover of UN-provided humanitarian aid shipments because they continue
hoping to use it as their hybrid war weapon against the federal
government,” he disclosed.

stressed that the “terrorist group is still being weaponized as their
proxy for pressuring the federal government into unilaterally conceding
on objective national interests regarding its foreign policy and
domestic administrative matters.”

Noting what has happened over the past months, the analyst suggested that they are not ready to change their strategy.

It is to be recalled that Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen told  African ambassadors and diplomats in Addis that the
Government of Ethiopia is committed to ensuring enduring peace in the
country,  and called on the international community to put pressure on
the TPLF to refrain from its provocations for another round of conflict.

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