Government’s Decisions Over Past Four Years Help to Repair Ethiopia’s Political Crisis

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Addis Ababa April 1/2022 /ENA/ The ruling Prosperity Party Public Relations Department Head, Bikila Hurisa stated that the decisions made by the government of Ethiopia over the past four years have helped to repair the country’s political crisis.

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Its been four years now since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took oath of office at the parliament.

In his inaugural speech Abiy particularly said that competing political parties could play a key role in building democracy.

In connection with this event, ENA spoke with the ruling Prosperity Party Public Relations Department Head, Bikila Hurisa and the Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice Party (Ezema) Chairman, Yeshiwas Assefa.

Bikila  said that  when Abiy was appointed Prime Minister of Ethiopia, the country was in a state of economic and political crisis and complex problems putting it on crossroads.

But, according to him, multiple challenges have been overcome and successes registered over the past four years rescuing the country from crisis and collapse.

“The efforts to building of a democratic system for the next generation have been done in the past four years,” Bikila said, noting that the government’s decision to expand the political landscape has been successful.

He also point out that it is possible for the people to practice true democracy in order to repair the political system.

Over the past four years, political reform has been undertaken, which could be foundation for future generation and a springboard for democratic system.

The reform was successful in broadening the political space to repair the country from crisis by exercising true democracy, he explained.  

“The decision made to ensure the full freedom of political parties to engage in all political activities without any suppression and restrictions were really crucial. There are several vital measures taken to realizing these rights. The release of political prisoners and inviting citizens in exile to home are some of these measures. These are key measures to help ensure the freedom of all Ethiopians. The decisions made to restructuring democratic institutions with a view to enhance their independence was also good example.”

Ethiopia Citizens for Justice Party Chairman, Yeshiwas Assefa on his part said the decisions made in the past four years were encouraging.

Yeshiwas said “Not only political but also the opening up opportunity for those socially sidelined Ethiopians who were living in Europe and Australia to come home and get the opportunity to contribute to development and diplomacy of the nation. Not only that, the revival of blocked private newspapers, televisions, and non-governmental organizations and political parties from different countries: US, Europe, Eritrea and Kenya came home to pursue peaceful struggle. There are many institutions that have been established, it is encouraging. But, most importantly, we can say that burgeoning of institutions such as the national electoral board and human rights commission are encouraging.”

The chairman has shade light on the duties and roles the government and actors separately and cooperatively when it comes to peace and security and national interest.  

He added “the government ought to be prepared to resolve everything peacefully, has to give priority to peace and stability. Other parties like non-governmental organizations, political parties and religious institutions leaders in general must clearly identify roles to play. For instance, these actors need to stand up firm together in the face of national interest issues such as the draft HR6600 bill and the utilization of GERD.”

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