Gobye Residents Speak Out Ordeal Under Terrorist TPLF

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December 21/2021 /ENA/ Residents of Gobye town in Amhara regional state speak out their five months ordeal under the terrorist TPLF invasion.

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Reports that came out from several towns of Amhara region of Ethiopia, which recently liberated from the terrorist TPLF by the Ethiopian coalition forces, are showing the group’s unspeakable atrocities towards the residents.  

Gobye town was one of the towns of Northern Wollo Zone that witnessed the heinous atrocities of the group for over five months including rape and looting.

According to the residents, during the five months of occupation by the group several people in the town were massacred, women raped, enormous amount of properties have been looted and vandalized.   

Tesfaye Teshome, a resident of Gobye and a health worker said, for months TPLF’s soldiers had prevented them not to treat patients.

Mothers were unable to receive treatment while giving birth, as a result children died, Teshome said.

According to him, due to luck of treatment, patients with HIV/AIDS and hypertension have also died.

The other resident of the town, Gobeze Mola, on his part said during the five months occupation several women were raped by the militants of the group.  

“Without our will the TPLF soldiers used to slaughter our sheep and goat and eat them,” he told ENA. They also used to pick our pocket, he added.

Ato Hailu Mengesha is also the resident of Gobeye. According to him, the residents of the town have under gone nearly six months of continues atrocities under the terrorist TPLF invasion.

“They used to torture men and rape our girls” Ato Hailu said.

From every house they used to snatch our food staffs that are vital to our survive, he added

Zenit Ejegu , who is also the resident of the town said “we got our freedom back now as the terrorist TPLF left the town after incurring a humiliating defeat.

Over the last five months we mostly remained in hiding as the terrorist TPLF soldiers used to pick pockets, Zenit added.

“In retrospect of the five to six months that we remained under siege, our fathers and brothers have also endured a huge suffering by the invading force of the TPLF,” she pointed out.

The residents are now enjoying the test of freedom as the Ethiopian Coalition Forces have restored peace in Gobeye.

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