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The Global Alliance for Justice Letter to Lazio Governor and ANPI President re Italian Court Verdict

                                                                                                                        November 29, 2017

The Honorable Governor Nicola Zingaretti

Regione Lzio

Via C. Colombo, 212

00145 Roma

Italy & H.E. Ms. Carla Nespolo President


Via degli Scipioni 271

00192 Roma


Re: The Justice Needed Concerning the Removal of the Graziani Mausoleum

The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause presents its compliments to the Honorable Mr. Nicola Zingaretti, Governor of Lazio Region, Italy as well as to H.E. Ms. Carla Nespolo, President of ANPI, Italy and wishes to express its deepest appreciation and thanks for the action taken that resulted in the verdict by the Italian court which sentenced the mayor of Affile and two councilors to imprisonment and financial penalty.

Your Excellencies are aware that the mayor of Affile, Mr. Viri, has been reported to have the intention of appealing against the court’s verdict. We, therefore, request you to kindly take the appropriate action in order to ensure that the court’s verdict is maintained and put into a full effect as well as the removal of the Graziani mausoleum at Affile.

We are sure that Your Excellencis are aware that the Fascist criminal, Rodolfo Graziani, was responsible for the horrendous war crimes committed in Ethiopia including the massacre of 30,000 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa within only three days i.e. February 19-21, 1937 as well as the murder of over 2,000 monks, clergy and parishioners at the Debre Libanos Monastery. Furthermore, it is a historic fact that as a result of the Fascist Italian occupation of Ethiopia during 1935-41, grave losses were perpetrated including the massacre of one million people, the destruction of 2,000 churches, 525,000 homes and 14 million animals as well as the looting of vast quantities of Ethiopian properties.

Our Alliance, therefore, hopes that your just support of the cause of justice would continue to be forthcoming.

With the assurances of our highest respect and looking forward to the achievement of the required justice and the resistance against the resurgence of Fascism in Italy,


Yours faithfully,


Kidane Alemayehu

Executive Director


CC: H.E. Mr. Antonio Guterres

Secretary General

United Nations


CC: H.E. Mr. Moussa Faki


African Union


CC: H.E. Mr. Antonio Tajani


European Union Parliament


CC: H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Dessalegn

Prime Minister



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