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Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia (Photo: supplied).

By Ebow Chuol,

March 02, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- His Majesty, Emperor King Haile Selassie was not only an influential man of divine trait but his ascending to power in Ethiopia remains unusual. Among other miracles, in Ethiopia he is known as a Lion of Judah, King of Kings, the father of Abyssinia, an African Elder. The list is pretty long and it needs many efforts to bring together the collective mysteries of a man whose lineage touches every tribe in Ethiopia. Myth had it that he is from Amhara tribe, some say his real father is from Afan Oromo. Others alleged to people of Afar. To this day nobody knows the origin of this great man.

A lot of people said he is a Jewish because of King Solomon. The wisdom of King Solomon attracted the queen of Sheba. King Menelik II was born out of this mystery’s journey. Emperor Haile Selassie was the legend and he inherited one of the most respected name in Ethiopia, Africa and the world at large. His mother was cousin to King Menelik the II. This is how the story emerged.

My dad was almost led to the prison in 1957 for refusing to vow down after the chariots of the King passed by him and his friends. He was in primary school by then. The name of the King to him was something mystifying since most of the stories running around in the town of Addis Ababa were about the celestial works of the mighty King of Kings. During the days of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia belong to him, his possession and the conventional Church; Orthodox. For those who heard the King’s visit to Jamaica, it wasn’t a fairy legendary visit. It was an event overwhelming observed even to this day.

His majesty, King of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie was the strange grandson of King Menelik the II. Whatever the possession in the king’s palace by the virtue of his lineage he was in position directly to inherit them. Simple gifts fromWec-Deng, Ngundeng to be precise to his grandfather Menelik the II were all rightfully inherited by Emperor Haile Selassie. He begun to develop a peculiar reputation around himself pointing it to his descendants; Solomonic Dynasty.

Very long journey: The journey that took Emperor Haile Selassie to Jamaica receiving an ocean of Rastafarians in 1966 dates back to blessing of Ngundeng Bong from Wec-Deng. When the servants of Menelik II approached Wec-Deng, they were not just simple messengers from the Highlands of Abyssinia but serious men full of faith to explain their problems to Prophet Ngundeng Bong; a man by that time whose fame brushed the Highlands of Ethiopia forming a perfect triangle.
Menelik II was in trouble. He was already familiar with the battles Ngundeng Bong fought and won against his adversaries. Out of this logic, he was convinced by this particular friend from Wec-Deng. No one was at a closer distance to help him win the war against the invaders.
Before the battle of Adwa, March 1896, Ngundeng won several victories against Turkish, Arabs, British and Egyptians. The news were heard all over the South-West of Garden of Eden. And so he was of great relief to his African friends seeking the same victory. Ngundeng Bong made for himself a name which is heard beyond the small village of Wec-Dengto far west of Jamaica. As things get interesting, the guests were practically shown a miracle of hospitality. A rare trait only existing among the Nilotic Cush Hamite’s descendants. The direct descendants of Cush, the father of Nimrod, the mightier hunter before God.
Actually, the tower of Babel was built by the Nimrod, the son of Cush. Before the brother of Ham, Shem returned to Shinar, the children of Ham advanced in mixing sands and petroleum in building the tower of Babel. It was extremely large and taller than any existing towers in our days. God had to interfere to stop this great discovery in that era.
Early evidences suggest that Plato came to Africa to study mathematics. Africa apart being the original home of mankind, the descendants of Ham the second son of Noah were practically the great builders. So does his children that follow thereof. They advance in Art of building pyramids and mathematics, and they were philosophically oriented. They opposed the idea of social disintegration but highly cherish the order of new age, the founders of New World Order.

Let me clarify something about Ham. Ham had five or six children. The first born is Cush, Anaan, Put and the rest are left for research. Cush begot Nimrod and Canaan Palestine.
The Biblical curse by the Noah their father, Ham was told to be the servant of Shem and Japheth. Abram the descendant of Shem had to leave Chaldeans to Canaan and occupied it. God fought for Abram based on the blessing and promise of faith. Basically, the entire Middle East, Africa and part of Australia were the lands of Ham. Not by the color of skin but perhaps the nature of our eyes the children of Noah could be distinguished. For those who may have doubted the truth about Nilotic Hamite, work hard to familiar yourself with the history. Both Biblical and Secular scholars can confirm this.
When Albert Einstein raised his concerns about the gravitational waves. The entire scientific community of his days were skeptical. Last month, the work of a man who won scientific awards in every scientific university on our planet was confirmed. Truth is a rare thing that shakes off every single dust of falsehood.

Celebration rock Wec-Deng: The evening came and the next morning was inaugurated by people joyfully oriented. Peculiar quests arrived in Wec-Deng (Wec-Deng is located in central Lou Nuer of Jonglie currently known Bieh. Waat to be precise).

They were welcomed with sounds of horns, drums, guitars and harps. It was one of the most celebrated home coming event in ages. Ngundeng was now ready to corroborate himself beyond his home town. He was familiar with Amharic and could read Arabic. In most cases he referred to himself, the master of languages. A claim not yet disapproved to date. As they approached with their heads vowed low. The master of that era Ngundeng Bong predicted the troubled special guests of his time. The message was read the following morning with harmony of worry and excitement. Ngundeng assured his guests from Abyssinia not to be troubled for they are in the safest hand in the entire land. A month of hospitality wasn’t enough but the council of the Nuer in Wec-Deng had to let go their good friends back to their master, king Menelik II and deliver the blessing from the people of Ngundeng, a project initiated by Ngundeng Bong himself.
They pursued to prove the Naath’s (Nuere) hospitality. Four most important gifts were announced to the pilgrims of the king. The first gift was ” tooch“, kind of like pop corns. The second was “puok“, meaning ashes from the pyramid. The mightier “tungkernyang” literally means a bull, the last “mut” which is a spear to kill the bull immediately upon arrival. How Ngundeng Bong communicated this ritualistic exercise only proved his claim to hear all kinds of human languages. Tooch were for the long journey. Bull was to be killed to evoke the spirit of “Kuoth” meaning the Most High in order to grant the king victory against well-equipped army of Italy. This gift in particular was the focus of the farewell.
As they make journey back home, Ngundeng ordered one of his good friends to cut of the tail of the bull. Announcing the bull would be followed by the coming generations. The relationship between South Sudanese and Ethiopians is a bond never to be broken. It is special scenario established from that very day.
Just to remind the readers. Ethiopia in Greek word means “burnt-face, black. The current Ethiopia was indigenously settled by the Cushite and other descendants of Ham. Our current brothers and sisters in Central Equatoria; Bari lived long ago in Eritrea, migration and displacement settled them in their current homeland. The ashes was to serve bigger purpose 70 years later. Rumors spreading around claimed Emperor Haile Selassie used ashes from Wec-Deng to evoke rain to rain in Jamaica after more than 40 years of severe drought.
Ngundeng Bong long before everything else was known to be very well educated man. He majored in art, mathematics; he’s a singer, architecture, astrologist and part from him being character builder which he inherited from Nimrod. Ngundeng was purely a scientist, and spiritualist. How did he calculate the perfect height of the pyramid and the length? He was a great mathematician of his time. He could assembly the elders in Wec-Deng to look at something he wrote on leaves, no one took him seriously. Prophet Ngundeng was highly disregarded, he lived in the society of lords of all equals. An extraordinary characteristic living among the people is always rejected vehemently. Even to this day, the society of Naath (Nuer) have worse attitude towards those considering themselves superior.

Tooch (pop corns), Tungkernyang (bull) and puok (ashes) safely arrived to king Menelik II before the battle of Adwa took place. The king won the battle through Ngundeng Bong’s blessing, that is how I heard about his greatness from the elders in Mandeng of Nasir County of upper Nile State.

Everything else contributes to the downfall of kingdoms. Food, sex and power with little irresponsible stupidity makes a perfect sense to why kingdoms fall and new ones come into being, worse of the mankind’s persisted tradition. Emperor Haile Selassie was killed and buried in the State Parliament in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia..

The conservative Amara tribe never mentioned anything about the role of Ngundeng Bong played popularized their victory. Indeed, almost the entire population knows nothing about this great gift of Tungkernyang.
For the sake of the history: When King of Ethiopia, Menelik II sent a few of his messengers to Wec-Deng, little did he understand the hospitality of the people of Ngundeng would make a complete change in the history of his country. Nuer and Jieng, like any other Nilotic tribes, the direct descendants of Nilotic Hamite, the second born of Noah, are known globally. Though Nuer persist in this, their traditions, the lords of all equal philosophy existed centuries before British scarf it. (Notice: Nilotic tribes are the descendants of Cush the son of Ham, they are Nilotic Hamite,) They pride themselves in social democracy. One reason their ancestors tried to unite the whole earth under the tower of Babel, democracy, hence in cultural definition is therefore, a culture of practicing equality. So the art of social democracy was long time ago observed in the lands of Cush. Prime reason the kingdom of England tired hard to contain Nuer is their tendency of assimilating people into their culture, economic and political system. Naath are the only African society with high quality of hospitality; awarding their guests with pure dignity and respect. Come to Nuerland with humility, you shall be with them to the end of the ages.
Ashes from Wec-Deng: Ngundeng’s final gifts to the messengers from king Menelik II Palace were not ‘pop corns’. Let me bring together how the ‘ashes’ from Wec-Deng was used by Emperor Haile Selassie to make the rains rained in Jamaica. On Thursday of April 21 1966, more than 100, 000 Rastafarians already gathered to witness the arrival of his holiness Emperor Haile Selassie in Palisodoes airport in Kingston. Crowd busted into smoking Marijuana, sounds of calabash drums could be heard in the entire city. It’s the history in making.

Gosh! The king refused to use the red carpet, he walked on the ground; then the name grounation surfaced. Grounation day is one of the most celebrated days in the history of the Rastafarians. It is usually marked every Thursday of 21st of April to show respect for Emperor Haile Selassie.

That same day the miracle of rains coming down from heaven for the first time in more than 40 years of severe drought was observed. It was the ashes from Emperor Haile Selassie that spelt the rain. How the king of king,s the strongest monarch in Africa performed this miracle of all ages remains unknown to this day, one would ask.
Forevermore, Jamaica continue to enjoy the green pastures, growth of marijuana, the gifts from Ngundeng Bong to Emperor Haile Selassie.

Elbow Chuol is reachable via elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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