Germany Supports Ethiopia’s Peace Endeavors, Wants Country to be Anchor of Stability in Horn of Africa

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Addis Ababa October 11/2022/ENA/ Germany supports Ethiopia’s openness to peace talks without preconditions to end the war in the northern part of the country, and needs to be an anchor of regional stability, Ambassador Stephan Auer told ENA.

Germany’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Stephan Auer said that Germany will give all the necessary support to the peace and mediation efforts under the facilitation of the African Union (AU).

The Government of Ethiopia has been reaffirming its commitment to bringing the war waged  by TPLF to a peaceful conclusion.

In her speech yesterday at the official opening ceremony of the second joint session of the House of Peoples Representatives and the House of Federation, President Sahle Work Zewde said the government is determined to end the war in the north through peaceful talks.

Commenting on the president’s speech, Ambassador Auer said it is may be an affirmation that the Ethiopian government has always been open to peaceful talks without preconditions.  

According to him, Germany is committed to assist the efforts of the Ethiopian government to fully explore the peace alternative.

“This is I think exactly what we would really like to support under African Union (AU) mediation to support these efforts. Therefore, we have a political solution to the problems that have been facing the country.”

The ambassador also stressed on the importance of solving the ongoing war in a credible way and to talk about the real issues which are part of the conflict.

He hoped the solution to this conflict could be reached.

Asked about the unfair pressures on Ethiopia from the international community and organizations, to which Germany is a member, Ambassador Auer replied that “we have always been helping and standing by Ethiopia.”

Ethiopia and Germany have long-standing relationships, he noted, underscoring that his country considers that Ethiopia has a leading role to play in the Horn of Africa.

“This country has to be developed into a political and economic powerhouse in the Horn of Africa,” Ambassador Auer stressed that Ethiopia needs to be an anchor of stability again.

He further elaborated that Ethiopia is not going through exceptional difficulties but urged the country to solve its problem through dialogue.

“I think that all the problems we are all facing in the world, it is not only in Ethiopia. But we need to solve these problems through dialogue to consensus building. Peace and stability is at the basis for everything of economic, social, and political development.”

Germany is also ready to re-engage with Ethiopia in various spheres , he pointed out.

“We have refocused our development cooperation to the people themselves to assist the people. We would be happy to re-engage again to support even more the political and economic reform agenda of His Excellency Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.”

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