GERD Promotes Regional Development, Realize SDGs: Prof. of Morgan State University

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Addis Ababa August 19/2022 /ENA/The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) promotes integrated regional development and helps realize the UN Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs), professor of political science at Morgan State University, Getachew Metaferia said.

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It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has successfully completed third filling of GERD and started electric power generation of the 2nd turbine last week.

During the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has called on Sudan and Egypt to continue dialogue on GERD noting that Ethiopia is constructing the hydro dam to generate electric power for its people living in dark.

Talked to ENA, professor of political science at Morgan State University, Getachew Metaferia said the GERD is intended to generate electricity which is vital to the country’s development. This also falls within the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

Noting that there is no reason at all that Ethiopians must be condemned to abject poverty, Professor Getachew said to fight poverty and ensure sustainable development, the country has its God-given rights to use its own resources, ensure development and provide quality life for its people as a sovereign state without creating significant harm on downstream countries.

Ethiopia, must make good use of its own resources as the Blue Nile springs from Lake Tana, he said, adding that there is no scientific proof that GERD will mortally affect the downstream countries.

The downstream countries must also be convinced that they would benefit from GERD, promotes integrated regional development, and help realize the UN Sustainable Development Agenda.

To realize this noble goal, Egypt must refrain from politicizing the GERD, Professor Getachew advised.  

“I must state that Egypt and all countries must start using climate-smart technologies; especially countries that are in arid and desert areas. Reforestation, utilizing water drip irrigation system, and employing water conservation scheme must be considered by all countries.”

According to him, this will help all to fight global warming, preserve, and protect Mother Nature.

“We are already being affected by global warming and a stop must be done to this,” the professor elaborated.

Currently, the construction of the GERD project has generally reached an average 83.3 percent while the civil construction and electro mechanical works are at 95 and 61 percent respectively.

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