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February 25, 2021
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Gambella region to chip 10 mln. in support of humanitarian efforts in Tigray

Gamebella regional government cabinet members to donate 50 percent of their salaries

Gambella _ Tigray


As remnants of TPLF, as governments call them, regroup to disrupt humanitarian efforts in Tigray and ultimately attempt one more time to take over power in the region and perhaps in Addis Ababa too, domestic mobilization in the country to address the humanitarian crisis continues to trickle. 

The latest contribution is coming from the Gambella region of Ethiopia. According to DW Amharic news published on Sunday, the region’s administration passed a decision to contribute 10 million Ethiopian birr to the rehabilitation of Tigray. 

Not just that, cabinet members of Gambella region are donating up to 50 percent of their income.  

Last week, the Afar regional government donated to the Tigray region food worth nine million Ethiopian birr. 

Earlier in the week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had a meeting with the Tigray region provisional administration and city administrators. It was about how to mobilize support to rehabilitate and rebuild the region, as he disclosed through his social media updates. 

He personally donated 200,000 Ethiopian Birr from the proceeds of his book (Medemer) and his one-month salary. The office of the prime minister also donated three water tanker trucks. 

Apart from humanitarian crises, security still constitutes a bigger challenge in the region.  On Friday, ethnic Tigray activist Yemane Niguse, and his two escorts were killed near Mekelle city. The Government has confirmed the news and believes that TPLF remnants are behind the assassination. 

On Tuesday this week, a repaired power line that supplies electricity to Tigray region was attacked in what is Southern Tigray which led to power outage throughout the entire region. 

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